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I spent half the time with Vonage on my celphone talking to their technicians about ways to reconnect my phone, or keep my phone from dropping words from my callers.

Then, when I changed credit cards and they were unable to charge me, they disconnected the phone. I called and got everything straightened out and got the back bills paid for, and then they had to nerve to bill me to reconnect the phone. Something I spent half the time on my celphone getting them to do.

I think they should pay my celphone charges.

What a rip off for lousy phone service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #771560

WARNING !!!!!! worst bank ever!!!!!

warning .... got a car loan from them they charged me a hi risk insurance policy be cause i did not show proof of insurance right away. $$$$600 after my insurance company called them and explained that there was no gap in my insurance they said it was too late and made me still pay. so i decided to refinance with a better bank and now they are making me jump through all kinda hoops to get a pay off and copy of title.

they just put you on hold or when you get some one on the phone they tell you that they cant send it or some ***. i would like to mention how i got stuck with them in the first place, i bought a car from frank Leta Acura and they wouldn't use the bank i recommend . almost 8% interest on a used car when i have 780 credit???? i recommend Scott credit union 2.3% interest on same car...

also the people at vantage are non educated on there policy and the law...

warning don't get involved with them.. thanks scott .

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