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Make sure to look into ZYTO Technology and Kangen Water before you book an appointment..I sure wish I looked into it deeper so I didnt waste my time and money.

When I left my first appointment I ended up leaving with a $723 bill. $400 was for the appointment that lasted maybe 40 minutes and $300 for supplements.

It felt very pushy and the products were clearly marked up like crazy. I left my appointment with a poorly made meal plan that listed things like if youre hungry make a smoothie with protein powder or meal idea 3, 1 cup meat, 1 cup greens and 20 almonds. I 100% can say I left with no real value and instead left feeling like I might have just been scammed out of $723. There was no transparency about the cost of using the water or the cost of her supplements until I had to pay for my bill.

I decided to share my experience and worries with Ariel and she invited me into her office so she could understand why I wasnt satisfied with my service.

After being told that my concerns were maybe just a you problem and that "I just wasnt ready to fix myself or put in the proper work I knew this wasnt a legitimate or professional place of business. Be extremely careful if youre a young female especially as Ariel was extremely condescending, telling me I couldnt eat any carbs and dieting like this could never lead to an eating disorder and claiming she has a PhD (which cant be verified anywhere online).

Kangen Water is also a multi-level marketing (which is very similar to a pyramid scheme). This is public information if you look it up. It seems that they are luring vulnerable clients in, getting them hooked on this water and then after the '2 week free trail either charging $100 a month to keep getting the water from them or they sell the actual machines for your home.

Im sure after researching their end goal is to just sell you on this expensive machine which is $5000 CAD!

So I ended up deciding to return the products at the very least and get my money back for that and after she had been so rude I asked for a refund and that I felt scammed. She denied the refund and only gave me back the $300 I spent on supplements.

Now Ive lost $400, Im more stressed then when I went in and Im disgusted that a business like this is allowed to operate. Another sketchy thing is she would only refund my $300 via e-transfer and not the credit machine as I had originally paid.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vitality Wellness World Cons: Expensive, Multi-level marketing, Sketchy business, Unprofessional.

Location: Langley, British Columbia

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And how do you "Crink hot or cold"?? lol, good spell checking. Sounds classy.

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