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AThis compny is a scam, they have hidden costs tomrturn items that add up to 80% of the cost of the entire garbage umbrella they sell.

User's recommendation: Avoid virventures.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Like so many others, I found out too late about VIR Ventures and their unethical sales practices. This purchase that I made was a SCAM from the very beginning and I feel worse for being outright lied to even once I became aware of what VIR Ventures was doing, than I do about losing $200.00.

The incorrect item descriptions which is blatant false advertising, failure to offer purchase confirmation info, unavailable delivery tracking info, incorrect product delivery, blatant scam "delivery confirmation email" with the product number and item description that is totally different than what you thought you bought and is sitting on your front porch, contacting them via email to complain about product delivered being different than described, and insulting customer service once you are aware that your complaint email will be ignored and you'll have to call them... are all something to make your day because you had several hours to kill anyway. You'll have to call this company VIR Ventures and if you can remain diligent and get through to an actual person... it's just the beginning of the nightmare.

After they've bounced you around to several "departments," they will still make you again email them with your complaint for "review." Don't get your hopes up, they are only going to insult you and offer you a 10% discount to keep the item and "gift it to somebody." They have already stolen your money and will keep as much as they can "legally" but unethically by making you pay to return the item. That's as far as I have gotten thus far with them at this point. They have not replied to my email with my request for a Return Authorization reference number. From what I've read since I became aware, they will also be charging a restocking fee and/or used product fee, and so from the $200 that I spent to purchase these running boards for my vehicle, I will have spent $50 to return the falsely advertised product and over $100 will be deducted from my refund for opening the box and discovering it was the wrong Item once it was delivered.

So I will probably get refunded a total of $50 from my $200 purchase and have nothing to show for it but wasted money, time and energy to send back a product that they will just scam somebody else with all over again once it's back in their hands! I looked online immediately after my purchase because I got no confirmation email and the item was "no longer available" because I got the last one (haha.) Well, several weeks later it's back online with the false ad description all over again, showing just how much they care that I made them aware that their description for the item was wrong. Not only do they not care, but it's blatant false advertising and unethical sales practices. I don't know how anybody that works for this company sleeps at night.

Any manufacturer that allows VIR Ventures to sell their product is a company that will no longer get me to purchase the item from them ever again. I don't care if they sell the only food left on earth, I'll hunt my own. I'm also starting my own personal boycott of products with APS and iBoards, whom after I called to inform what happened were polite but showed no integrity or motivation whatsoever to contact this seller and tell them to do the right thing. I know many companies that have good business ethics and care about the end users of their product, and that is only where my money will go from now on.

My current vehicle, and any other vehicle I ever own, will now NEVER have anything manufactured by APS on or in it, and if I ever hear that any of my friends are shopping for their product they'll get an earful from me about my experience and just how disgusted I am about it. I will never buy anything from a company that allows VIR Ventures to be their 3rd party seller for the item I'm shopping. Sorry Sears Holdings, sorry Walmart, sorry eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, (yes they ALL allow this company VIR Ventures to sell on their platforms) if VIR Ventures is attached to your product, I'm out! I don't care about any of the Money Back Guaranteed policies, if I didn't get back either all of my money for incorrect product delivery OR the right product in exchange for being lied to in a supposed fair seller/buyer platform, what are your ethics for hosting such an environment?

As so many have said, what a shameful and unfortunate situation for all involved.

We can only try to help one another by spreading the word. The 10/100 rule still works, it just takes time!

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