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by Debbie C Szr #143270

Is it legal to let a person leave a place of business buying a motorcycle without license?My daughter paid cash and bought a motorcycle. I was standing there when she plainly told them she didn’t have license or insurance.

She asked them though could she ride it home? They said yes I see no reason why not. I asked them did you not hear what she said?No license or insurance. The catch is they had put it in my name and asked me to initial a box.

So I did. Without my glasses I can’t read so I didn’t know about what the box said. They put a regular tag on it in my name. My daughter ran off the road and hit a guardrail just 4 miles from where it was purchased.

Please I thought Virginia had a law that you have to have a course on motorcycle’s before issuing a license. They should not of let her leave that place without a license.

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