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Vine Vera, OroGold, Vivo Per Lei, HerStyler--all of these are owned by Mazal Enterprises, Eli and Daphna Weingarten (El-Darr Enterprises) in California. They hire young Israelis out of the military to pose as skin care consultants and canvas malls all over the U.S. and other countries, especially before Christmas, spending a few weeks in each, then pack up their gypsy wagon and move on to the next mall. How do you know if you’ve been scammed by this organized crime group:

**Do young, attractive, mostly dark-haired sales people with strong accents jump out at you as you innocently walk by their kiosk handing out free samples and luring your into a chair for a free facial? DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! Just walk on by even if you have to be rude. These people are highly-trained in the art of predatory sales tactics.

**Do they claim to be Spanish or Italian? WRONG! They are Isreali but have made-up names like Giovanni, Raphael, Fabio, Marta, Dana to fool you.

**Do they make all sorts of incredible claims for the products like Dr. Oz endorses them, they’re from the Dead Sea and cure everything from acne to wrinkles to rosacea? LIES! They are possibly cheap drug-store creams repackaged and relabeled and put in fancy jars, marking the price up about 1000%.

**Do they say for you only they’ll give them to you for 75% of the usual cost? LIE! They make up the prices according to how gullible they think you are.

**Do they say you’ll get free refills on the products because they’re opening up a spa in your mall? LIE! Another tactic to sell the products.

**Do they convincingly tell you they want you to have the products so you can cure your rosacea or wrinkles or whatever before it’s too late? LIES. You may not even have the skin condition they claim but they manipulate using weak spot.

**Do they flatter you to no end and convincingly seem to be super friendly and caring? WRONG! That’s purely an act. After the sale they show their true colors—abrupt, rude, and dismissive, even cold. Same with Mazal people (if you ever get them to actually answer the phone or e-mail). They don’t give a rat’s *** about you after the sale!

**Do they claim to be skin care specialists or even dermatologists? LIES! They are highly-trained *** artists posing as skin care specialists but are really ex-military Israelis making more money in a month doing a stint at the malls than they make in a year back home!

**Do they conveniently never mention their strict no return policy? Perhaps fold over your receipt to cover tiny print saying no returns? Perhaps cover up the no returns sign on the kiosk with sanitizer and bag of products at time of sale? Does another salesman suddenly appear to ring up the goods and somehow knows what priced the other guy promised you? VERY DECEITFUL!

**Do they refuse any unopened product returns and give you a supposed customer service contact number? And if you contact it, do you only get a reiteration of their strict no return policy and a well-scripted speech of how Mazal Enterprises has no control of these “independent owners/operators at kiosks?” LIES! They are the ones who hire them! The director of Vine Vera is a former captain in the Israeli army! And where do you suppose Eli and Daphna Weingarten are from, or at least have strong ties to? You got it—Israel!

**Do you try to return to the kiosk you purchased products from only to discover they’re gone? Yup—they’re already moved on to the next mall for fresh victims.

**Do they quote you one price but then add on hundreds or even a thousand to that price on your receipt? SURPRISE! You’ve just been robbed. Theft by deception is real big with these thieves. They hope you don’t notice or are too embarrassed to point it out.

**Do they claim what you purchased will last two years? LIE! Lucky if it lasts two months.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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I don't disagree with your experience, but why do you go on and on about the Israeli stuff? Bad customer service policies are bad regardless of religion or nationality. Your review sounds very anti-Semitic

@J. White



I got hustled on Thursday August 17 at 219 Brompton Road, London. I did not want to go in to the store, in a genious way I was seduced to sit in the chair and spend more than I would normally do on skin products.

The above review could have been written by me. After I left the store I came to my senses and returned within 5 minutues. The told me they would have loved to give my money back but the couldn't. I had to get in touch with customer services and guess what.

"Jenny" told me they don't do refunds. But...

I could get a free facial if I wanted so they can explain their products to me again in a more relaxed way, as I had said I felt pressured and rushed. As if!


I just got hustled in Davenport Iowa by these scam artists.


I can't believe these people are getting away with this! Who do we contact to sort them out?

Unbelievable, how many people have been duped. Ombudsman?

Rip off Britain? Someone must be able to help!


Just went to Chandler Mall in chandler as and ran into almost the exact scam listed in this post! Sexy "Argentine" young girl named "Michelle and a handsome man young man named "Romeo" used the exact tactics listed!

Wife and u are not at all gulable so we went along . I am very good at accents even recognized the "Argenntine" accent as Israeli and asked her if she was an Israeli and she had a frightened reaction ! Wife advised Romeo that she thought it might be a scam and would check it out and come back. Well true colors came out rude and dismissive !

This post is EXACT and right on the money! Buyer beware!!!

@Ken Hanson

Lol your wife was smart. They were at my town's mall and same thing a girl named Michelle from Edmonton, that could potentially look Israeli ( only saying this as what her actual nationality might be).

I feel retarded for being lured into this. I was super tired she came on strong with the whole sample thing and I just felt bad for some reason and thought I did actually need a moisturizer so went ahead and bought this one assuming at least it's all natural ingredients.

Now I'm kinda of scared to use this on my skin for the next "two years" I hope setting aside the scam thing that the product itself has some merit ?? If someone can give me an "honest" take ?


I've been Using Vine Vera for a few months I absolutely love it no more wrinkles more bags no my dark circles no more acne number rosacea everything on my face that I had before and I didn't like is gone


Are you an employee of this so called company??????????


I just spent an hour at the mall with a very attractive lady trying to sell me face products. It was actually a lot of fun.

I loved how the prices plummeted the more the compliments started to flow. She was really piling it up. I really enjoyed the stories of how her mother and grandmother both use these products. There were a few inconsistencies but she was well versed in her pitch.

I had one of my own going on and she was sold on my stories of being a restauranteur and whatever else could come to mind.

I definitely had a much better and more believable sales pitch. It was fun.


I disagree my mom got skin care products and it washed right off and did not work at all her salesmen was Ronnie he has a French voice, friendly so we thought. We looked on line and he was a scam!

His kiosk was vine vira and we saw that everyone was scammed by them. So please if you see him or if he lures you in just have your head down look at your phone and walk away!

Please forget everything I just said if you want to spend over a million dollars on a scam. Thank you for your time.


Same thing in Honolulu! Beautiful store in the Marriott Waikiki.

Beautiful 26 yr old "Russian" man? Harry, Wrong! Spent 5 yrs in Army. Mandatory he told me.

Dead giveaway! My problem was they sold me a device called Perfectio Plus and he said he was giving me the $2500 in skin care products for free as a gift! The other guy (they worked hand and hand) sold the perfectio plus, he admitted being from Israel when I asked about his accent! But he looked a little embarrassed to say so.

So he did this LED light, warm wand treatment on my face. I said I didn't want to waste their time with a facial because I was there in Hawaii because my son lived there and I came only for his graduation, he became an RN. I told him I was retired and disabled and only made a little over $1000 a month. "Oh don't worry we just want to make you feel good don't worry come here A free facial " well little "Russian Harry on "caught my heart and he told me all about his mother and how he missed his family and his mother was in Russia and how his brother didn't go to her birthday party and on and on and on with tears in his eyes.

The other guy with the warm and fuzzy wand on my face just kept saying to me," trust me you are going to love this trust me you are going to look younger trust me trust me". I kid you not ! He must have said trust me 10 times! So finally I said OK guys let's cut to the chase how much is this magical machine?

So this other guy I forgot his name the Israeli guy said "$6400" I burst into tears, and said this is why I did not want to waste your time this is why I did not want to waste my time! And Harry the cute one told the other guy to leave and he sat there and talk to me crying about his family and how he understood how hard life was and blah blah blah blah well he had me in the palm of his hand . I've been a hairdresser for 45 years and I know there is no fix for wrinkles or skin without cosmetic surgery of which I will not do nor can I afford. So to make a long story short at the end of two hours he came down from a price of $6400 for the machine plus $1200 for The skin care products and told me that he would give me the skin care products is a gift and the machine would only cost me $1500.

I bit. I signed by American Express I got back to my sons around the corner in Hawaii and he mediately googled it and he said mom you got scammed. He also, this Harry guy, gave me his personal phone number so I texted him immediately and emailed him and told him I wanted to cancel everything and not to send anything. He wanted me to take it from the store and I said no I did not want to travel with it all he said no problem we can ship it.

Well after he got my text and my email he called me and he said I spent so much time with you and I confided in you about my family and my family problems and my mother and how much I missed her and I even called my mother right after you left in Russia because I miss her so much blah blah blah blah blah although he seemed so real!

So *** real! These kids are trained I'm telling you they are trained .

I now I am disputing with American Express because all of a sudden what showed up at my door but a box of vine vera products. However this other company perfectio plus I have not seen anyone mention in any of these forums and I have read many of them I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten scammed into buying this machine with LED light and heat to treat your face? I refuse the shipment on delivery Anto FedEx to return to sender.

I watched the tracking on the way back and somehow it got caught up in California with damaged packaging and could not be delivered. These are the FedEx alerts I was getting. Then within a day I got a notice that it was on its way to Honolulu and would be delivered today January 30, 2017. However when it got to their facility they refused delivery and now it is supposedly on its way back to me!

I will not except it I will not take possession of this package I have not taken possession of this package I did not touch the package from FedEx delivered it I simply called the next day and said I wanted a call tag they were supposed to hold it at the FedEx facility because I had called ahead of time to tell them of this issue and they gave me an authorization number that they would hold it at the FedEx facility. Somehow it slipped through the crack and got delivered so they had to send a call tag to send it back to Hawaii. So now it's on its way back here to Buffalo, NY from Honolulu American Express has refunded my $1650 which is what they came down to at the end however they said that if the company would contact them , which they had not done yet, I mean vine vera had not contacted amex at all even though they are withholding $1650 of their money. They told me that if they came up with a valid reason why I should be charge this money that my American Express would be recharged with the amount.

I wish American Express and their dispute team could see these reviews! I told them it was all over the Internet however when you call American Express are you get this Customer Service, they fill out the dispute with what you tell them however they don't write all of this down like I writing here they only write small details leaving American Express to decide whether or not it is a valid dispute. And this is really company I'm sure will find someway to convince American Express that their company is legitimate. I asked Customer Service if there was anyway that I could get this information that I have found on the Internet directly to the dispute department at American Express and they said no there was not and there was nothing I should worry about is I had been refunded my money and not to worry about anything unless I was re-charged.

Well I don't want to wait until that happens because then I have to open the dispute again. Now I am also dealing with Federal Express who has damaged the package in shipment which is really not their fault vine vera packs so terribly it was just a box a small box with all these cosmetics and this device in it with one piece of tape at the bottom and one piece of tape at the top coming all the way from Honolulu to Buffalo and back again. I'm in a quandary I don't know what to do . Forgive me if this is a little mixed up I am using Siri I have written about this so many times I am just so tired of it.

I am so scared.

I hear people saying call your attorney general but I don't quite know how to do that or do I even know if I have the strength to continue to fight this battle of which I have to I can't pay that bill . Prayers are welcome please!


Hello-I pray you had a favorable outcome with this. Was your credit card company able to refund your money?

I have already filed a complaint. My husband was just scammed out of over $4000.

I am devastated, but even more heartbroken for all of the elderly and disabled people they are scamming. Our story is exactly like yours down to the language used.


AnonymousWe need to keep posting about these scams. I am not a gullible person.

So I don’t know what happened. The part that is most disturbing is they kept my husband busy with another guy until I finished transaction


AnonymousYes the charge is in current dispute. They took the chargeback.

Which was 3 days later. American Express is great about that.


MMWThis exact same thing happened to me in San Francisco downtown mall.I am currently in dispute with American Express. I am more embarrassed because somehow what I was told and what they billed was a lot different.

It was a 5 digit number. Oh how I wish I could have that day back. I never stop at these kiosks.I actually found that there is a California section code that states the vendor must properly display a ‘no return, exchanges only’There is also a federal law called ‘3 day cooling off’ period where the customer can change their mind.I am still praying this gets settled by American Express. They tried to deliver the products to my house.Since I contacted American Express it seems they called back the delivery.

Now I just have to return the perfectio plus.BTW I tried to contact the company but didn’t know who to call. Receipt says vine Vera, the billing says DBA (doing business as) Lioness, mans card says Reservalife. So I called Reservalife.

No one picks up.The guy gave me his phone number but is not answering my texts.I was scammed in the worse way. PLEASE DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM RESERVALIFE,VINE VERA, LIONESS, PERFECTIO.


You need to contact District Attorney where you bought it. They might be able to help.Save all your receipts including names.

I would write everything down. As much as possible. Start making calls to city district attorney. Consumer affairs.

State bar association. Find a consumer attorney.


THIS IS ABSOLSUTLEY CRAZY THEY DID EVERYTHING HERE YOU SAID. they also held onto my card the entire time and didn't tell me they had already charged it.

they managed to convince me to buy other products and when i thought they were charging for everything altogether they charged me for ANTOHER 300. they lied to me about price TOTAL SCAM PLEASE DO NOT BUY


I feel like a complete idiot!Got me today at Town East Mall in Mesquite TxI should have known better!!