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I was in Evansville Indiana and walked by one of these kiosks in the mall not even five minutes after I got there and was immediately targeted with the “oh yes you so pretty come here let me show you great product here you’ll love it” so I let the woman do what she wanted to do and I liked the outcome admittedly but was not planning on buying.. next thing I know she is ringing me up and bagging it and I hadn’t said yes to the product, I just liked the sample.

So I pay for the $100 dollar *** and they needed to give me change. “Here here we need to go over here to get change” we walk to the kiosk next to it- run by the same people who had samples for free to offer. The woman walked me to that stand and walked away and got me my change from her own kiosk. I was NOT about to be scammed again.

Terrible business ethic.

I was so ashamed of that forced purchase that I didn’t buy anything else at the mall that day.. I did use the product that I bought and it was fine, their product isn’t bad at all, but it is overpriced and forced onto customers who say no.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vine Vera Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I've read up about the products they sell. The ingredients are low quality, the exact same ingredients as you would find in low level beauty cream from a drug store.

You could have bought the Exact same thing for $10. Please don't tell people their products are fine.

They're trash. You spent $100 on trash.