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Update added by user Sep 18, 2014

UPDATE: As expected VIII marketing changed their name, they are now "Gold Rush 1849." Location: 300 Hamilton Ave in White Plains on the 4th Floor.Again please do not waste your time.

I am not letting up on these people.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, and have been around for century do not fall for it.The best way to take them down is public knowledge!

Original review posted by user Sep 17, 2011

VIII Marketing in White Plains, NY is currently posting for Entry Level jobs.I recently applied to an add for an Account Manager position.

A manager got back to me almost instantly and I set up an interview. When I went to the interview I felt an uneasy feeling, as the name of the Company was not listed in the building registry, the manager had told me simply to come up the 4th floor. When I got there the sign on the door, was printed from a computer, and hung with a piece of masking tape "VIII Marketing". I felt skeptical, but as a recent college grad, desperate to begin an Entry Level job in the Communication Field.

I proceeded. From the looks of the interior of the office, everything looked fine. I went through the first brief interview, with a "Ken Doll" type, Colgate smile manager, who talked about the Company more then he did myself. He told me about the growth opportunities and how they supported the 'marketing" and "promotions" of top names like Verizon Fios, and Visa Mastercard, Growth opportunities seemed very attractive to me,because at this point in my life it was an absolute front runner in my career search.

He concluded the interview, stating he would be giving candidates a call after 4pm, whom he wanted to come in for a second interview. I left the office, and was actually excited. At around 4:30 that night I did get a call, and a 2nd interview. Mind you I come from about an hour away from where their office is, and had to pay hefty train fare, yet I called sick out of my current job and went to the second interview.

I started to sense something was not right, the moment I stepped into the office that second day. First, I looked around and noted that the candidates waiting around, where very "shady" looking in appearance. I was told to wear 'corporate" attire, and was dressed as such, coming from a Corporate environment in the past. However, I looked around at a bunch of men with four o'clock shadow, woman with wrinkled shirts, and clearly people who had no clue.

From one look I thought 'These people can't be on their 2nd interview". I asked a woman next to me, with the yellowed white collared shirt, and she proudly announced that indeed she was on her 2nd interview. It wasn't long before I was called into the office of the hiring manager, and I was introduced to an "Account Manager' i was told I would be shadowing him for the day. I have to say he was an extremely nice, well spoken, well dressed man.

I thought, okay maybe this is legit. However, we then proceeded to go downstairs and into a car, this is when again I felt a little on edge. The car was a Mercedez driven by again, another Account Manager whom I was told was "retraining" I noticed that his 'Verizon Fios" folder was extremely unorganized and he himself was simply unkempt. My first thought was "Really?

this guy?" I started asking questions about the position, but the Account Manager seemed to divert the topics by asking me what I knew about "marketing". We finally arrived at our chosen destination, and I followed the Two Men into a small business. The Account Manager knocked on the door and announced "I'm Verizon here to check your bill' The confused store owner stated " I don't have Verizon". The Account Manager almost in que when into a sales pitch about why he should have Verizon and how much money he could save him.

The store owner finally agreed to sign an application even though he was still undecided and I think he only agreed so that we would "go away". We proceeded to take each buisness from one side of the street, to the other, and see how many we could trick into changing over to Verizon Fios. I still was on the fence to how legit this was, and over lunch began asking some more questions. Thats when the Account Manager whipped out a "Pyramid' Type scheme, explaining that if I took a work hard/play hard approach I'd for sure, become a Manager in no time.

I have to admit I did like this idea, and then he started talking about the 100% commission based salary. Which I knew was very very shady especially because I recently had interviewed with a Company for an Account Manager position who had offered a base salary on top of the Commission which is usually how it works in a legit company. I was promised that in my first week or so I"d make 400-600 and buy my third week, into my first few month be making over 1000 a week. I asked how long their training period was an I was told 3 days which again I thought was extremely skeptical.

Finally, we went back to the office, where I filled out a brief Q&A about my experience, and I was called into the office and instantly offered a position. The entire train ride home I thought...something is up...this can't be that easy, and what type of place only pays commission? I was up half the night when I remembered somthing the account manager had mumbled to me, and that was "we are affiliated with a company called Cydcor" I typed into Google "Cydcor" and the word Scam, an instantly found people with similar experience, who were given false promises, and basically starve to death. They were not reimbursed for gas money and travel expenses when the job requires that you drive from door to door.

I took one step further and googled the name of the Manager, whom I had interviewed with, and found numerous posts about young entry level professionals he had scammed, when he worked under the name Luxe Marketing . I sent an email 6 oclock saturday morning denying the position and linking him to the various complaint webstites his PR person should get on pretty quickly. I am very hurt, angry and frustrated, I spent a lot of money and excitement preparing myself for my interviews, and traveling to the Company. The only way you can be successful here is a 'Get rich, quick' type attitude.

If you are willing to make it through the "entry level" stage, and make a few sales, pocket some quick change and advance to the assistant manager role where you become the conman who hires unexpecting graduates to do your "dirty work" then I guess you could probably see a six figure salary as promised to you. However I ask..what happens to Cydcor when verizon catches on to the fact that their account managers are basically any desperate person, with experience or not, being hired to go door to door, with ruffled shirts, ketchup stains, and tags still left on their discounted thrift store suit? They will change their name yet again?

Or maybe they will *** enough people, that they will be able to actually afford a real sign to put up on their door.In White Plains they are called " VIII Marketing" BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

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Nov 03, 2011 #368769

Thank you all for this valuable information. These A-holes left me a voice mail to set up an interview.The same fake girl you guys Mentioned who sounded like she worked at a strip club begging for a lap dance.
>>>I was skeptical because of three things:
1. They emailed me without me returning their call
2. Their website looked fake
3. The company name seemed shady
Thank you for confirming my skepticism… Now I am defiantly going to call that girl to make sure that I waste her time as much as possible

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Nov 02, 2011 #367956

Thanks so much for this, i had an interview set up for tomorrow. but the woman on the phone just sounded like she didn't want to tell me anything about the position...i was only asking because the website gives very little info...smh thanks so much though, deff saved me a lot of time and gas!

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Oct 27, 2011 #364994

I have an interview with them tomorrow....NOT!!!! Tons of thanks to all of you.

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Oct 26, 2011 #364462

I have my second interview with them today at 10 am to 5 pm. What kind of interview that lasts so long? It is almost a full day of work without getting paid. Thank you guys. I am staying home.

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Oct 26, 2011 #364457

Thank you guys, you save me time and money.

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Oct 25, 2011 #363911

Hey thank you for your time to write all of this down. Now I am not going to my second interview, because I also had a weird feeling about this place. I definitely did not feel comfortable walking into this building. And when I was tlking to the lady on the phone, I knew she seemed fake and seemed sarcastic idk. But thank you again and you saved me time.

Now I need to write them a " I will not be attending to your scam meeting" now lol thanks


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Oct 18, 2011 #360686

Thank you!! I fell for one of these as a senior in college and was pissed!! This was my 3rd call for an interview after going on (Stay away from that site, they don't filter the *** out!!) I was so pissed, I sent them back an email with this link attached, told them how horrible they were for getting people's hopes up and that I am broke and unemployed and they are horrible scammers! I said this should be their real website address, not whatever Facebook site they have as a "real" site. A legit place will have a profesional site, whatever *** they made isn't. Also, stay away from ESL MANAGEMENT and LIONHEART GROUP. Also scammers like this one !!!

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Kamar Brown

Oct 17, 2011 #360015

Thanks soooo much for this info I was already skeptical about going to this interview and good thing I always do some research before going to jobs I had a interview with them today at 11:30 . They just sounded tooo happy to get me to come in no1 likes there job that much and I could swear the person on the phone gave me a extremely fake laugh so fake it was unbelievable

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Oct 12, 2011 #357795

I am glad I came accross this before going to the interview tomorrow, It's saving me some time and money!. Their website just seemed so genetic and non-specific. Happy I went with my gut feeling.

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Oct 09, 2011 #356409

omg i have an interview with them tomrrw, which is weird because its a holiday where most places are that ive read thanx...guess i will be glad i read this..always follow your gut and do some research!! thanx guys

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NewYorkCity Girl

Oct 03, 2011 #353496

Hey Guys I'm really really happy that you guys find this useful I'm still kicking myself for the over 40 dollars i spent on train fare, not to mention the lunch I had to pay for.

@Usamah Khan- There was men there, at the interview, i dont think i mentioned in this ad, the one sales man, asked me if my 'second job' was a model. ...WOW.

@You Wish You Knew: I hope they see this and mail me a check for my train fare...wishful thinking I know. I mean yes it is a win win situation for the company but how they present the offer to an unknowing, wet behind the ears graduate who doesn't know any better...could fall for it and lose a ton of money! I am so so so so lucky they slipped up and said who they are affiliated with, if not I would not have found any dirt on them.

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You Wish You Knew LOL

Oct 01, 2011 #352346

Thanks for posting this! I had received an email from VIII just hours after I had applied to a marketing ad. I found this a bit strange so I decided to dig deeper into the company and fortunately ran into this little piece of information regarding their business practices. This company certainly does sound shady and very unprofessional.

Their lack of a base pay rate sounds very disconcerting and I am almost positive that they do this because they are constantly churning out applicants to go out in the streets to get people to sign up for Verizon, but don't want to have to pay them all a rate since they aren't screening for any specific level of skill in their applicants. This ensures them that they will not lose money on those that don't get as many applications filled out.

In essence, this is a win-win situation for this "company" since they don't have to pay their employees anything unless they actually make something that will indubitably go to the company's revenue.

I bet there are many tens, if not hundreds, of people they have roaming around in the street rehearsing the same lines to different local (or not so local) stores.

I'm almost POSITIVE that someone from their "company" has spotted this complaint by now, since it is on the top of the results page of the Google search engine LMAOOOOO. :grin They may just feel pressured enough to
... Show more

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Usamah Khan

Sep 29, 2011 #351568 Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania, United States

***. my wife has an interview there later. I should tell ehr to print this out and give it to the PenisWads over there. wasting time of people. Question- were all the people they called for women?>

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Sep 28, 2011 #351168

Thanks for this posting. Their web-page did seem a bit too vague when googled them. So that raised a flag. I read your blog and I definitely won't be working with these guys anytime soon

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Sep 28, 2011 #350894


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Hav HighStakes

Sep 27, 2011 #350715

Thank the Lord i did some research on this company and found this review. They called me today for an interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I kind of had that gut feeling to check up on them.

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Sep 25, 2011 #349423

I was invited back for a second interview and I questioned it too. My process was the same as @nycgirls; with a 4:30 call back. I went on a 15 minute interview. He told me nothing about the company. I overheard on receptionist/ coordinator go over their hiring plan to a young woman (english not her first language) and she only mentioned a training check for $200,benefits, and commission. Their new sign over their door just says HR.. Theres nothing around the office about the company and everyone seem to get the same rehearsed call back via phone. I googled complaints about the company before I went for my first interview, and found nothing. Im so happy I found this, bc I started to believe it was just me. I felt something was weird. I've learned nothing about this company visiting the website and through the course of my interview. I don't remember applying to the company either, but they were certain I did.

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Sep 21, 2011 #347693

I was really upset ron because, I spent a lot of money to travel there, and what I was told was that they do the "promotions and advertising" for big name companies i was really excited at first, and don't go unless you want to go door to door, I don't think I mentioned that they made me pay for my own lunch as well....the account managers stopped for lunch, and here i worked an entire day for free, and then when they ordered lunch they turned to me and asked me to pay for mine.... I was so beyond annoyed

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Ron Alen

Sep 21, 2011 #347491

Thanks for the heads up on VIII Marketing they have been trying to recurite me as a Account Manager and set up a interview for Mon. Sept.24, 2011 based on your information I will not be keeping that interview.

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Sep 17, 2011 #345803


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