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I am disabled due to a personality disorder that makes it very difficult to get a traditional job so the option of a work-at-home career was very attractive to me. After my mother twisted my arm into signing up for the enhanced medical transcription program, I blew through the course, completing it in less than the minimum 4 months and with a 98% average. I figured the price seemed right and with the whole money back guarantee I didn't have much to lose. Well, I was totally wrong.

Little did I know at the time how important AHDI certification was for a training program, for I didn't even know what AHDI was at the time. I guess it is my fault for not looking deeper into the matter, but nonetheless I feel like I was preyed upon by these scam artists. They play up the career and say how much the field is growing and whatnot but it is very obviously misleading information. Thanks to speech-recognition technology and outsourcing mainly to India, they are selling a program for a field that is contracting to nothingness in the US, unless you're willing to be paid pennies on the line to transcribe for a transcription company.

Which brings me to my next point, that is, if you are even lucky enough to get on with a transcription company. I tested with a number of them and my test results were never up to standard. Yes, I was rejected from every last position I applied for, even the entry-level ones. That's how inadequate the training is in this program.

Oh, but what about freelance work? Forget about it. No doctor takes this training program seriously and was told as such by a number of individuals in-the-know.

The whole "success promise" thing is a joke. Request your money back and they will simply be dismissive and say you weren't trying hard enough. Oh, and my little sister started the program the same time I did and we both made the required number of payments for our friend/family referral bonuses. Neither one of us have gotten our bonuses yet and I doubt we ever will. The only thing I ever got out of them was a cheap headset and a foot pedal for which I had to purchase a license for ExpressScribe to use because they didn't provide the one that works with the free version, go figure. At least I'll be able to recoup one payment via selling the foot pedal on eBay.

I have since moved on to alternate employment, but I'm still angry about my experience and would never recommend this school to anyone. Of course, I wouldn't even recommend medical transcription as a career field to anyone. It's dying. Don't fall for the hype. Save your money. Do something else.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

US Career Institute Cons: Shady pricing, Misleading advertisement, Inadequate training, Poor customer service, Refund refusal.

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Be very careful!!!

Run from them. I cancelled after enrolling for just one week and i returned everything they sent me for the first lesson over 7yrs ago.

They then turned around to report it on my credit report that i am owing them over $1000 .

They report it on my credit report every 6month as something new.

They are destiny destroyers and not destiny builders.

Please don't sign up or enroll in any course with US career institute!!!

Customer service is poor, they are only out to swindle people out of their monies.

You will regret doing business with them. Run Now!


Hey moron what's your problem about US Career Institute I studied Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician I don't have problem with them. I got it at US Career Institute studying Patient Care Technician and showing my certificate at Red Cross to work as Patient Care Technician and Phlebotomist.

Maybe you need to becareful and watch your mouth.

I heard you have problem at Ashworth College I bet you will be failed if you go to SUNY University all your college subject will failed Mr. Know it all.



It's so easy to point fingers.

But I DO applaud you for recognizing you should have done a little more research about the certification.

Hindsight is a you-know-what.

But you also should've done a little more research about the field if you're truly concerned about the available opportunities. And by "more research" I mean "you should've clicked on the hyperlink to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics at the bottom of US Career Institute's MT webpage." If you had done so, you'd realize that, although the field IS in decline (-3% in 2014-2024 outlook), that's still only 2,200 jobs over a 10 year period (that's 220 jobs a year, nation wide; I know, 2nd grade math is tricky...)

Regarding the referral bonus, did you read the fine print on that, either? From what I can tell it's not being offered at this time, but did it state specifically that it was a CASH reward?

Or was the bonus to be a deduction from future statements? As far as the "success promise" being a joke: The only way it would be a joke is if YOU are a joke and don't take your potential career into your own hands. Right there on the school's website it states that getting a job is hard work, but (if you complete your program) you'll have credentials you need to get a job. That seems to be the common theme around here...

people think they have to work just long enough to complete their certification, then a job will just fall into their laps. If it was that easy, we wouldn't have the unemployment problems we have in this country. But I digress... back to the issue of success.

You admit to not scoring high enough when testing with potential employers. Perhaps your lack of success is due to your setting yourself up for failure. You say your mom had to "twist your arm" to enroll.

Sounds like you weren't interested to begin with, so how can you even begin to blame others for your shortcomings? I'm glad you found other opportunities, and hopefully they're working out for you, but your anger with US Career Institute, in my opinion, is unjstified.


Hilarious. How much did USCI pay you to write your rebuttal?

How would you know how or what I did in the months following completion of the program? That's awfully presumptive of you.

And yes, the referral bonus was advertised as a cash reward and it said both you and the person you referred would get a $50 cash bonus after both of you had enrolled and made three payments. We both did and neither one of us saw that cash reward and yes, it was offered at the time we signed up (Fall/Winter 2014).

And "credentials you need to get the job?" Hah! Yeah right. As mentioned, the program is not certified by AHDI.

There are other and I imagine better programs out there that are AHDI certified. The bottom line is this course is too easy and the level of the coursework is inadequate compared to what you will find in the real world.

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