I couldn't agree with you more...cos they did the same thing to me. I was kicked out of the success promise program for no just cause.

Its all a scam! The reason I signed up for the program in the first place was because of the success promise program that makes you believe you will get your money back if they fail to find you a job. But then halfway into the program, I realized its all false advertisement to lure people to enroll, these guys have no intentions of giving you back your money, no way! I am in the process of suing them, period!

Cos i was dedicated to the success promise program, did all my assignments, went all out to buy me a printer and some other materials required for my assignments, mailed out letters as the assignment instructs, which cost me money considering i have no job and was doing all these and spending all this money hoping i was going to get a job in the end or at least get my money back. i followed through wt my assignments which now appears to me like somewhat of a threat to them since they really have no intentions of paying back no money.

It really sucks! And i am definitely suing them

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New York, New York, United States #1280864

Sheesh! Your experience sounds painful.

About as painful as mine was reading your rant.

Your grammar is so atrocious I'm shocked your high school Engligh teacher let you through. Or did you make it that far?


Let get this straight. You expect the material for free, the teachers for free, did you get any FREE booty in the process?

And why don't you have at least a pt job? Do you want a FREE paycheck also?

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1280863

Haha! Perfect example of the "age of entitlements"....


I was just considering signing up but now, I'm not so sure after reading the reviews

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