Trenton, New Jersey

I had enrolled into their Pharmacy Technician program as of January 7,2012. I looked on this site thoroughly and I did not see any type of review for this distant program.

I went on the BBB to check validation; in which they are nationally accredited, but nowhere it mentions where its regionally accredited. I did some searching around on ripoff and spotted 2 reviews of this school.

One was a positive feedback; the other; negative. The back of my head tells me I should cancel this course and walk away as I have 7 days to cancel.

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I took the Medical Transcription course back when the school was still known as "At-Home Professions," approximately 18 years ago. I really enjoyed the course. It really was presented in a very understandable format, and I graduated in about four months time, when my twins were about 8 months old. About six weeks after graduation, I was able to get a one-week substitute job while the regular transcriptionist was on vacation, and then a permanent job elsewhere within six months with a medical practice with three specialties which I held for 2-1/2 years. They also recommended me to other physicians, but with taking care of the babies, I was not able to absorb them. In all, the school was very positive and supportive with lots of helpful inspirational quotations and cartoons to look at while studying, and tips on time management. I felt very happy with the school and my new career.

With that in mind, there were a few things that came up short. They really weren't helpful at all with assisting me search for a job. Nor were they helpful in clearing up exactly how one gets their foot in the door at a hospital. That was murky. They were dismissive, as they had gotten their money already and I was finished with the course. It was clear that they really didn't care what happened to me after that. What worked was my making a flier and sending it our to about thirty local medical practices. When all was said and done, it came down to a really nice receptionist who took a chance on me. Success was not in the hands of the doctors so much as that gatekeeper. I used a well-thought out flier with NO type-o's. I see in each of the complaints above a bit of a lack of proper English usage, as well as spelling errors. That is not something the school can change: If you are not going to present yourself well, the school cannot be there to do it for you.

Fast-forward about ten years and I thought I would, again, attempt to get another job, though I was not as interested this time in working from home. I reviewed all the materials I had from years ago, including the taped transcriptions. I got in the door at an ambulatory surgical center. They gave me some sample tapes for ten doctors with whom I would work from ten different specialties. I must say, it was extremely difficult compared to what I had done before. There were so many surgical products of which I had not been acquainted, and the speed at which the doctors dictated was unintelligible at times, even with slowing the tapes down. They also used many abbreviations of which I was unfamiliar. Nevertheless, they said I was the best they'd worked with so far. They said the local community colleges didn't turn out a good product.

Soooo, was the school good, or was it what I brought to the table that made the difference? Would a community college have been better? I personally think the school covered every aspect of what I needed to learn to take dictation from various doctors, with the exception of the extra vocabulary and product knowledge that I needed for surgical specialities. That was a big hole in the program, but then, I wouldn't have finished in four months either, and I didn't need all that knowledge for my first jobs. I would just need to kick my own butt and work as hard or harder to learn all the new information as I had done when I had taken the course. And, I worked hard to make sure I learned everything to an excellent (of course not perfect) level. Making sure I never delivered work that I knew had flaws was what made me good, not the school. The school cannot act as your conscience nor give you a work ethic (though they do encourage you to do this). I think if you apply yourself you can do well with a number of programs. However I think this program was especially easy to understand, and the written comments by the teacher were very helpful. Good luck!


Anyone can say they are a good school by calling their "Toll free" number in which you get sales reps that will try anything to enroll you into their program. I am guessing the majority of people there will not have an accurate answer. Keep searching or go enroll into a community college to get your certificate


Good Morning - Please feel free to call me at US Career Institute with any questions regarding the school or the Pharmacy Technician program. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have.

I can be reached at 800-347-7899. Thank you.


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