If someone has an interest in a particular field of study that US Career Institute offers, their courses can determine if you have a skill set fitted for that profession. It is like anything else in life.

You enter a contract to pay in full or in installments. Any money that is uncollected will go into collections. However, the course work is a guide. If you want to continue onward through higher education, certain obligations must be met.

Nothing in life is free. Do not enter into a contract if you are not happy with the terms, or refuse to abide by those terms.

E-mail and phone are two communications links. The course material is designed so that a reasonable person should be able to comprehend it. There are a limited number of instructors to field messages and e-mails.

Most of the work will be up to the student. It is the same with online education.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

US Career Institute Pros: I liked the overall course.

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