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The website lists THREE different prices at various times - one price for paying all at once, one price for increments, and then there's a "sale" price that is just not available anywhere I could see when I went to pay. In addition to that, there are all kinds of little "oh, by the way, you really should have this add-on stuff we don't mention anywhere else at all, and that's extra $$".

Thank goodness. I sent an email asking what one had to do to get the "sale" rate and this woman sent an email back saying I could get it but I had to call her. Well, I'm busy. AND I specifically asked that I be responded to via email since I work nights/sleep during the day. The phone calls started pretty soon after - several times in the morning, about three hours after I went to bed, pretty much EVERY DAY. I am still getting spam emails from them - not by any means actually ANSWERING MY QUESTION but just plain nagging me to sign up, which is what I was trying to do in the first place, and it's been like two months. A month later she texted me to see if I was still interested!

There is no way this place could be professional. And after reading the other reviews, I will never fall into this. I'm pretty dismayed, but I guess there really is no easy way to get the certs required to get a better job.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Become a reputable school with respectful employees or pull out of the business..

US Career Institute Cons: Being harassed while sleeping, Shady pricing, Being called when preferring email.

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New York, New York, United States #1280861

You know, the most amusing part of your rant is that you say you're too "busy" to call a school representative about some information you just HAVE TO have. If you're THAT busy, you can't begin to convince anyone with half a brain you have enough time to complete a certification program.


Oh wowwww, thanks. I was just about to sign up but I won't. Thanks for the red flags.

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