Got a call supposedly they want to market my invention. Then they want $7K to supposedly license it to others, and I only get 15% of what they get?


Check them out. Their website address is brand new - they are NOT a legit long term company, just scam artists!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Universal Manufacturing Pros: Looks great on surface.

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Got scammed out of quite a sum of money for so called licensing and connections with manufacturers. They send me an e-signed legit contract but I never heard back for them ever again for there so called monthly updates.

I heard there was a class action lawsuit against Universal Manufacturing Company/Jeff Adam or Andrew but forgot where I clicked on it.

thanks for reading R. Davis


Thank you for the warning. They contacted me too and wanted $7,000 and they'd give a 15% royalty. This guy name is Steve Adams that made the offer.


I was also contacted by the same Steve Adams and exactly the same offer was proposed to me. The 7,000 to help with the initial investment was my fee and they take care of everything and my percentage was the same 15 %. Thanks for the info....


I was also contacted by Steve Adams with exact same offer, $7000 & 15%. Wanted to move quickly to sign doc and pay fee.

When asked where their Mfg. Facilities were located in the US he said that was proprietary info.

Very vague and broad answers to questions. No answer on business phone listed on website.


My invention must be better than yours, Steve Adams offered me 20% for $7K.

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