Hello Sir-Madam- On Saturday 9/11/21 I was coming from Oaxaca-Mexico to Newark flight UA6012 and my 3 luggage were held by custom at my entry in Houston, since they were shirts and sweaters I provide for my staff (I own a restaurant with 2 locations)- Custom alleged I have to look for a broker to have it cleared. But I've been contacting brokers that apparently serve the area -as it is advertised online- and they say they do not so that at the airport, only big shipments like containers, that there are brokers that work in the airport to do that- but I've been searching over and cannot find someone to do it.

Meanwhile, while calling customs at the airport, they say the airline, in this case United, should provide me with the information, since they say they do not hold physically my luggage, that the airline still has it.

This is becoming very frustrating - I am begging for some guidance to retrieve my packages, Please help me. My luggage tags are 301674****-301674****-301674****

Location: Union City, New Jersey

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