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We are a group of homeowners who hired an investigator to look into Ron Shearer because we are alarmed by his bullying and his refusal to obtain competitive bids or allow access to HOA records as required by state law. If you are reading this review, hopefully you are doing so before hiring Ron and UNC. Check the internet and the Better Business Bureau website for many negative reviews. Search by the key words and phrases used in these reviews, such as "lying", "dishonest", "false advertising", "rip-off", "deceitful", "incompetent", "not a company you can trust", "attempting to siphon money to developer", "hidden connections" to HOA, and "uses only a couple of contractors with no competing bids". By his own admission to our assembled HOA, any positive reviews were written by Ron Shearer about himself using false identities. We found several lawsuits involving him, including civil suits for fraud and defamation.

Ron Shearer is a licensed real estate broker in California, #0107****, with a company called Union National, a parent company of UNC. Ron is the designated officer of Union National and Brockway Springs of Tahoe HOA in Kings Beech.

Civil Suits under name Ron Shearer

Los Gatos courthouse small claims: 4-02-sc-275583,Ike Hoseeinpour vs Lakeside Community HOA and Samuel Peter--served on Ron Shearer president

Los Gatos courthouse small claims, 4-95-sc-209619We Care Personal Services vs. Ron Shearer

Los Gatos Courthouse 4-95-sc-216384Nancy Zitella vs. Union National Corp w Ron Shearer named as president and person served.

Los Gatos Courthouse 4-96-sc-228777,Atlas Security Patrol v. Union National Corp w Ron Shearer as agent and manager

Palo Alto muni court As9520****, We Care Personal Services vs. Ron Shearer

Civil Suits under UNC Community Management

Santa Clara Superior Civil filed downtown: 1-08-cv-102445 State Farm General Insurance v Parkside Condo Owners Association and UNC Community Management. Filed as "other real property."

Downtown San Jose court, 1-10-cv-165605, Michael Jasper v. Case Del Valle HOA, Silicon Valley Builders Group and UNC Community Management, listed as "other real property."

1-02-cv-806207, breach of contract,-UNC named as a defendant in MOrrone vs. Cupertino

Downtown San Jose""1-98-cv-774024, a fraud case Cynde L. Covington vs UNC and numerous other entities

Downtown San Jose 1-98-cv-775367, defamationTyrone Wade vs UNC and numerous other entities

Downtown San Jose 1-99-cv-786495, "other"Andrea Hammond c. Meridian Woods HOA et al

Los Gatos, 1997 small claims case on money 4-97-sc-237314-Plaintiff Ghamous Gholam Reza

Small claims same plaintiff, out of Palo AltoAs9723****

Alameda County Civil , c739804Lawyers Asset Management vs. Shearer and numerous others in unspecified type of case.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Location: Berkeley, California

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Cayde Txh

Can you provide the results of your investigation please?

Hazael Eas

UNC is our management company and all complaints I read About combined are exactly the same issues we have with Ron Shearer and his daughter Stephanie of UNC. They have methods of bullying, selective enforcement and retaliation when you oppose them.

They try to encourage people that oppose them to move away. Our condo complex is under his iron grip.

The board president who is a contractor receives referrals from Ron and therefore protects Ron, rather than holding him accountable! Fed up but no one will drive me from my home!

reply icon Replying to comment of Hazael Eas

Sounds exactly like our condo complex in Fremont that is under the control of Ron and UNC, and guess what? The board president is a contractor.

Morine Ynr
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1895534

I completely agree.. Worst service ever, and theres no avenue to even file a complaint.

Harold Cva
reply icon Replying to comment of Hazael Eas

Our HOA has the same issues. Please contact me at wphoaowners@***.com

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