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Between no shows, measuring wrong and no follow up its been a nightmare.

The whole process from quote to install has been 8 months. I lived through a summer and winter before we got our windows fully installed.

At the very beginning the windows were measured incorrectly and the installer tried to modify them in our driveway but they said they couldnt and left with the assurance that someone would get back to me that day to organise a new time for installation.

No phone call and after 3 days I called them, I was assured they would be remanufactured and come back outcrickets..

When the next date was booked and I had called to confirm and was ASSURED they would be thee the next day, swapped my days around with work to WFH and miss an event, I received an early morning call saying the windows they were going to install where the same windows they couldnt install last time, there was no adjustment made and they are still in Melbourne warehouse, I live in NSW and so yet another day was wasted. Meanwhile I have been moving furniture back and forth away from the window in my sewing room, which means packing up my machines, projects and packing everything away so they have access to the windows.

I have had 2 other no shows, due to system failure..yeah right.that can only be used so many times right!!. There is no confirming the date a few days before from the company or anything like that, just they turn up or they dont. When I call they are very apologetic when I call to ask where they are and I say I dont have a choice, you have my money and my window.

No answer to that.

Yesterday the installers came and finished the job and then asked for the final 10% payment. I said I have waited for 8 months for this and this company has stuffed me around so much I will need it in writing that I owe more money, is there an invoice for me to pay? They said they will get back to me.

About an hour after they left I received a call from one of the managers asking for the final payment. I let them know I was not happy to pay the last $300 as they already have had my $4000 for nearly 5 months without anything to show for it.

He explained about the payment system and I have been very compliant with that and always paying on time for each step but not this one. I let him know how unhappy I was with their company and all the hassle they have caused.

I have renovated 2 houses now and have NEVER dealt with such an incompetent company in all this time.

The installers have been wonderful and very helpful, no issues with them at all. Its the managers I feel need lessons on communicating with customers and how to follow up on customer service.

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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