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Jason Schurfeld in deed never has been a owner or part owner of Trissl Sports Cars and is no

longer affiliated with our company. Our Sales Manager Elton Darby is a delight to work with and we are happy to serve all your Porsche needs at any time.

Thomas Trissl


Trissl Sports Cars

Reason of review: Glad we are no longer associated with Mr Jason Schurfeld!.

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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jason is a crooked piece of you know what


As someone that bought a 1972 Porsche 911E from Trissl Sports Cars. I can't say anything bad about Jason Schurfield.

He was so knowledgeable about Porsche and everything about my car. Now I never even heard of or spoke to Thomas as he was never part of the conversation. He never even thanked me for my purchase. Now Jason even sent me a Bottle of Jack Daniels Thanking me for my purchase and asking if it was everything I dreamed of.

From that moment I will always call on Jason for my next purchase.

I was sad when I herd how Jason was screwed out of Trissl Sports Cars. I hope his Lawsuit against works in his favor.


To play devils advocate, I'm a local and know both parties of Trissl Sports Cars (Thomas & Jason) As well of Elton Darby Jr. However, Jason was known around as one of the co-owners of the company.

Trissl can deny it but after looking into their lawsuit. Schurfeld VS Trissl. There is to much evidence that proves Jason is one of the owners. Most all the locals know this, as Thomas doesn't have the best reputation.

If you do some research, you can see that the current Trissl and Darby don't have the best track record See links below. https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/1520****/Darby_et_al_v_Darby,_Jr https://dockets.justia.com/docket/alabama/alndce/3:2013cv01470/148835

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