The principal owner of Trisong Tibetan Terriers, has inconsistent and odd business practices.

Their website advises , to send deposits for purchase of their dogs.

The Trisong website, also advises to call the organization and or the Principal's cell phone as listed on the website, to assure that she will call back promptly.

The follow up communication is erratic. Voicemails, informing customers, that she will be unavailable to return calls for several days, listing specific dates, remain unchanged and not updated for as much as a month.

If you are able to reach or her or her husband, randomly , they present as rushed, chaotic, hurrying dogs to airports, to get them to customers.

Nevertheless, as a potential person of interest, who can drive to their home where they have their dogs, multiple squirrely reasons were created only through emails, making it challenging at best to actually meet with them and their dogs.

There is not necessarily anything inherently askew or inappropriate with their ethics as it relates to proper breeding, care and oversight of the dogs and facilities.

However, any reputable breeder and or business owner, with avoidance in having easily accessible and direct communication that is in opposition to what the business represents on their website, raises question of illegitimate business practice at the very least. Even if they chose to be selective in how they proceed with any potential customer, as reputable dog breeder's can be well intended necessarily scrutinizing. However, Trisong's advertising and communication are not aligned, not consistent and questionably sketchy.

As it relates to breeding dogs one may question whether there is diversion from credible and ethical practices related to the care and compassion of the dogs.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Susan S Jfr

We just found out that above comment is from Dolbrook Tibetan Terriers in Lake City. We questioned the authenticity, because there was a lot of information that a normal buyer would never worry about.

I am not the one who called animal control Sue. Check with your buyers.

reply icon Replying to comment of Susan S Jfr

I did not write that, but hey blame it on me, You are the one having the problems, so why pin it on someone else?

Susan S Jfr

I am not a business. I happen to have availability on occasion.

I don’t have to place puppies. It isn’t how I make a living. If it was the that would make me a puppy mill. I absolutely do let people know I am hard to get in touch with because my priorities - especially in 2017-**** - was running a farm by myself in the dead of winter in northern Maine without internet or cell service btw.

My focus was caring for livestock in 5-6’ of snow and not killing myself. I have posted about my priorities on many occasions since returning from Maine. It is no secret that I am hard to get in touch with all the animals, working and law school.

I am very open about that. If I were in the business of selling dogs, I would starve because It is the last thing I care about doing on any given day.


Thank you for this post! Very helpful.

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