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They are a subcontractor for SEMCO Gutter Helmet. We had the Indiana States Attorney look into them and they told the state to drop dead.

They told us to sue them, but they know we don't have the money whats next folks?

Its time t0 band together and fight them. i

User's recommendation: Do not Order Guttere Helmets from Trim-A-Seal in Gary, Indiana.

Location: Valparaiso, Indiana

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We're sorry to see this review up. It's only fair that we share our side of this experience.

13 years after we did this job with no problems, Mr. Blouir had a roofing company remove/reinstall the product on his house. They did so improperly and damaged much of the Gutter Helmet in the process. The roofing company was not a licensed Gutter Helmet dealer or certified, therefore it wasn't under warranty anymore.

Unfortunately, we cannot warranty someone else's work.Mr. Blouir was provided with this information at the time of the original install. Mr. Blouir refuses to acknowledge this and insists that we replace all destroyed materials and reinstall the entire system.

Had the Gutter Helmet not been treated improperly it would still be working perfectly.

As much as we hate to hear a customer had a bad experience with us, we stand behind our product and our warranties. Thank you for reading and we hope this sheds a bit more light on this issue.

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