YesThe company(1 Day Trenchless Sewer Repair LLC Florida). Defrauded me out of $4750.00 that I paid to them on 1/31/2022 as a down payment for the cast iron sewer lining with a product called CIPP.

They had signed up to install my home residence. At 201 Atlantic Blvd., Indian Harbor Beach, FL. 32937.

On Monday 2/6/2022 they were to start installing the CIPP sewer lining. Vince came over atThey required a down payment of one-half the total for the job.

They took my down payment check on 1/31/2022, but 3 days later said they could not use the CIPP to line my sewer (as planned) due to large holes in my cast iron sewer pipes under the foundation. I was disappointed but, said ok and asked that they return my down payment. Then the lead tech Vince said no they can still repair my sewer by digging/trenching for the same price as quoted for the lining. The next week they came back to start demolition of the master/mainline sewer through my master bathroom.

They worked slowly and only about (2 hours, 2days) a week or less on average at my home the dug-up dirt was pulled in my bedroom nearly to the ceiling. I repeatedly asked often how long this would take. They would only keep telling me not long yet weeks would go by and kept telling me not long. But after they cashed my down payment check They barely came by and when they did it was only to collect tools they left on the job and to lie to me about when they would be coming back to finish.

but not much if anything was done. But as weeks turned into months and progress slowed to not coming to work on the sewers at all for weeks at a time. I got nervous and started asking questions about the slow work being done as all that I saw was *** in my bathroom with piles of dirt waist-high, no new pipes only missing cast iron pipes, and large piles of trash covered by blue traps in my side yard. The last time they came back they concreted on the hole stating they took pictures and would send them to me but never did.

This went on from the end of January through mid-March. In the meantime, I had no other bathroom that was in working condition, and excuse after excuse was given to me about not enough help or workers and that they were sending people in from their main office. Unfortunately, I was unable to get them to complete the job and had to hire another plumbing company and pay them to redo everything from start to finish and I asked for a full refund. I never reviewed an answer-back and my calls were ignored.

I was and am financially devastated. I was forced to walk away from the money I spent hiring this company that I found out is not licensed not insured and the state of Florida doesnt know about them, they are scammers. I want other people to stay clear of the scam company that takes your money and does very little if anything to repair what they say theyre going to. Then they leave you without response and -$5000 where I got nothing in return.

Customer beware of this company they are a scam and only out to take your money and they do not do the work promised nor are they licensed to do plumbing. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford to be ripped off, as I am on a fixed income. It should be against the law! Unfortunately, theres nothing I can do alone.

Id like to spare anyone else from having to go through what I have with this company.

Please spread the word to keep people away from this company so no one else gets taken advantage of, scammed, and ripped off by them. Thank you

User's recommendation: Don’t use this company.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs in Florida Cons: Not licensed dishonest senior citizens scammers.

Location: Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

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