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TI am writing this with tears in my eyes because of what I witnessed a few days ago. The person who owns this salon, I believe her name is Royonna, is the cruelest, most immature and unprofessional person I have ever encountered.

She seems to have too much time on her hands and was very rude and abusive to a frontline worker at Popeyes chicken earlier in the week when I was a couple cars behind her inthe drive thru line.

She asked the cashier at a chicken restaurant if they had pickles available. The cashier simply told her they did not sell pickles. She then asked the cashier to check for the item to which she responded "We do not have any available." Royonna then proceeded to call the young lady "ghetto" for not having or checking for the unavailable item.

It was quite obvious to me that the nonsense request was an attempt to get a rise out of the cashier. The cashier was obviously exasperated and became quiet as this woman was being an unreasonable thorn in her side and a nuisance intentionally making idiotic requests and sitting in the drive thru line to slow her progress.

She then reported the person SHE was harassing to their manager as if they were harassing HER when that was not the case.

She was seemingly trying to provoke the cashier to anger asking for items the restaurant OBVIOUSLY does not sell. The cashier did her best to keep her cool and eventually walked away.

I then witnessed this woman smirking as if she had met her goal for the day. The really sad thing is that a couple customers who were in front of miss Royonna had been giving this poor cashier a hard time and it was obvious to me she was pretty stressed and doing her best to cope. This woman seems to have forgotten she was dealing with another human being and seemed to be trying to break her down.

This evil disgusting excuse for a human being called "Royonna" was doing her level best in my honest opinion to add fuel to the fire and seemed to be attempting to humiliate this soft spoken woman for no plausible or logical reason I or any other reasonable human being can come up with.

If she can't even treat a cashier with respect, I shudder to think how she treats her clients.

I wouldn't let her style my DOG!

There is no humanity in this woman at all. Sheneedstoadoptbehhobby!thharassing frontline orkude rsow up

Location: Southfield, Michigan

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