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If you want a smooth home buying process I do not recommend this company at all, the things they have done are very questionable we trusted Mitch at total lending and unfortunately the mistake he made cost us a lot more than just losing out on a home we loved. It cost us my husbands 45k dollar truck (which they purchased) to fix their mistake, they told my husband the mistake they made costs us a difference of 42k dollars on our loan and that we would have to come up with it ourselves or else the home would no longer be an option, then told my husband we know you have a truck, can you sale it?

my husband told them NO that is my capital and when I sell it I want to reinvest the money to make more money, they then told my husband they would purchase his truck for 42k dollars, AND promise to help him get a 30k dollar line of credit at the bank AFTER we closed on the house so he could still have money to invest, my husband did it, we had NO other option at this point and they KNEW that. So he signed his truck over to them and got a notarized document of them signing a paper promising to help us secure a line of creditThey assured him if he did this that we would close on our house Friday, the 21st of January, well that day came and went, then we were told Monday, well that day came and went and then Tuesday rolls around, and thats when we made our decision to call it quits with these people!!! it cost my husband many days off of work, money for inspections, money for an appraisal (that we never received a document for) because we were supposed to close several different days, they kept back tracking and making up a new reason everyday in which why once again it was going to take longer, Mitch and Total Lending knew we were in a time crunch and had a deadline to be out of our current home and they assured us and made promises that things were going as planned and we were right on track, then wed get a call late afternoon that oh once again its going to be the next day all because Mitch made a mistake on our loan papers!! Our home apparently appraised for 420k the purchase price of our home, yet Mitch after many requests still has yet to provide us with that appraisal even though we were supposed to have it weeks ago!!

We finally had enough of their lies and empty promises and walked away from the home we loved, the home our children were SO excited about because we have 5 days now to find another home and just couldnt handle the stress of what if anymore with them!! We did EVERYTHING right, turned in EVERY document they asked for, not to mention they asked for the SAME document several times!

So here we are going to look for a rental for a short time to find a new home, and start this process over with a NEW lending company TLC Ruined our first home buying experience; and I really hope they take accountability for it, because that is the LEAST they can do. I plan to contact everyone I can to find out WHY this happened.

User's recommendation: Run don’t walk runnn far away from this company.

Location: Western Springs, Illinois

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