Recently went into their store to purchase a few linear actuators. When purchasing the guy told us if they were the wrong ones and we need to go bigger it wouldnt be a problem bring the receipt in and they would happily return the items (and we pay the difference for the bigger ones).

We thought this was great and it was the reason we decided to purchase these from them. When opening them, one was clearly faulty (broken). We took them both back saying one was broken, and after looking at them we would need the bigger ones.

The guy who original served us was not there this day. However there was another young man at the counter who was happy to return the faulty one and let us return the other to then purchase the 2 bigger ones.

However, half way through this process another staff member took over and was extremely unpleasant. He wasnt happy he offered a store credit for the faulty one and then refused to return the other (despite us being told this was an option)

I realise that just because someone changes their mind or needs a bigger one etc a store does not need to return the item. However the fact we were told this was option at the start (only 2 days beforehand) then they changed their mind I feel is very unfair!!! We werent wanting cash back, we were just wanting to return like promised and have the return money go towards the credit of the bigger ones!

We in the end had to return the faulty one, keep the smaller one that doesnt look that great and had to purchase the other bigger 2 we actually needed!! Will never shop there again or believe their promises or words again!!!

User's recommendation: Do not recommend … will say whatever for a sale!

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 32 Hammersmith Drive, Wigram, Christchurch 8042

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