Cut and Paste Job.

Total disappointment. Very clearly a cut & paste job as somebody elses job title and place of work appeared in my CV.

Totally uninspiring and cluttered document.

Apparently it is optimised for recruiting software yet since it went up I have not had one call.

My old fashioned CV used to attract regular calls.

The writer agreed a refund then twist and turns from customer support and Im apparently not entitled all of a sudden. Apparently I didnt request edits but I told the writer as soon as I saw the document it was poor.

Total waste of money, I wish I had read the reviews beore signing up.

Email replies are from templates.

You could do this yourself with a bit of reading around the subject

I changed by CV back this morning and I had 4 calls within the hour.

They are now refusing to answer emails.

Totally unprofessionalo

Location: Preston, Lancashire

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