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Top Tax Defenders is a scam. While their commercials advertise that they aggressively go after the IRS to reduce penalties and interest, that is just a flat out lie.

There is nothing aggressive about the way these people deal with the IRS, they do what the IRS tells them to do and they do not fight for your rights as a tax payer.

Top Tax Defenders did not reduce the penalties and interest I owed by one penny. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even attempt to recover refunds from the IRS that were legally due me, which would have completely wiped out the amount that the IRS said I owed them. Top Tax Defenders charged $3,900 and did not do anything that I couldn’t have done myself.

Basically, they passed on messages from the IRS. Save your money, deal with the IRS directly and apply the money you would have paid these charlatans to what you owe the IRS.

Monetary Loss: $3900.

Location: Conroe, Texas

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I agree. We are in the process of paying them and they set up an agreement and I didn't realize they are not on my side.

They did exactly as you said, they do whatever the IRS says. The amounts are not reduced and everything they did I could have done myself. I regret hiring them. I know I need to pay our taxes but there was no relief on the penalties or fees at all.

I am really not happy with them and actually really disappointed because I thought highly of he radio host that advertises on his radio show.

I am really disappointed but as I agreed I will pay my debts. God sees everything.

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I had exactly the same experience!

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I’m sure you’re talking about the same radio host I trusted and he turned out to be a real sleazebag. I contacted him and told him I only used Top Tax Defenders because I trusted his recommendation, but he couldn’t have cared less about what a rip off they are.

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