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Disbelief, unacceptable and shocking are three of the best words to describe a new home build with Toll Brothers. It is unbelievable that I have to take my valuable time during a severe illness to make people aware of the lack of construction ethics and the lack of quality.

After moving in, we've spoken with many neighbors who have been and continue to be alarmed by the lack of professionalism and quality of the sub-contractors hired in the project. Our perspective is there is a huge lack of supervision over these subs, creating constant call-backs to re-do. I've never known an organization that is so non-proactive in getting things right. The norm for Toll seems to be to just keep calling people back and eventually they'll get it right.

My experience says that doesn't happen and even if it did it is such an inconvenience to the homeowners to constantly be having people in their homes re-doing and re-doing.

To itemize all the issues would run me out of space. But a major issue for us, on-going, was 2300 square feet of tile that has 30 to 40 chips was installed and deemed to be acceptable. To spend the first 3 weeks in our new home trying to get resolution is crazy. And if Toll finally realizes the truth that it's defective/bad tile and/or careless installation, we will be faced with moving out to have it repaired or replaced.

That isn't what we expected with a new home and I'm sure no one else would either. Some other issues include granite counter installed improperly; poor lighting that was replaced and left holes for insulation to fall through; cabinets not glazed properly; and damaged stone installed on the exterior. Virtually every area of the house from plumbing to electrical to finishes has issues. If you want to know more of the issues before you sign up for a Toll Home, I will be more than willing to delineate them for you.

Get a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair and call me at 480-292-7207.

Toll Brothers is just another production builder and to call themselves a luxury home builder is outright deceitful.

I'm not a disgruntled home owner, I am an extremely shocked and disappointed homeowner who expected more. If this helps someone else not to have to go through this, that's great.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Spoiled Americans...You should be happy you have a roof over your head!Cry babies!


When you're spending top dollar of your hard earned money on a 30 year mortgage, you expect quality. This is why buyers buy upper end homes.

They expect quality. Toll boasts that they are America's Top Builder.

We expect perfection. You spend $500,000 to a million dollars on a home and tell me you wouldn't expect anything less.....


I was going to visit one of their developments this weekend, but just decided not to. I have spent the last 2 hours reading complaints about them.


Thank you so much for this information. I just withdrew my deposit and will steer clear of Toll Brothers going forward!

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