I made a large purchase in of multiple items in excess of $500. The arrows that were sent to me were not as described on the website or the same as the picture.

After a long battle with the sales agent regarding a return, which is their stated policy, I was told that I could return this item and receive a full refund for the cost of the arrows but not a refund for the service charged of $6.00 for cutting them. I returned this item as instructed and was credited the cost of the arrows less a 20% restocking fee. Additionally, two days after purchasin g an item for $399.99, it went on sale for $379.99. I requested a price adjustment credit for the difference and was denied.

Sales staff misrepresent themselves and customer service is exceedingly below standard. I have dealt with 3 Rivers Archery since 2007 and I have noticed a dramatic decrease in customer service since Dale Karch retired and Jonathan Karch took control. Issues are not resolved or escalated. You are told that you will receive a phone call without a window time.

Return phone calls will come days later or not at all which compels the customer to recontact this business where the cycle begins all over again. I finally disputed the above issues with my bank and emailed them that I was doing so and listed the reasons. The next day I received an email from Jonathan Karch where he accused me of being "vulgar to his staff" which was completely untrue. He informed me that I was being removed from his mailing list and that I was banned from making purchases from his business.

I certainly have no intention of doing business with this company. Customer service is nonexistent.

User's recommendation: Develope a relationship with other archery suppliers. There are many large companies that are price competetive, want your business, and give good customer service.

Location: Westwood, New Jersey

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