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We rented a two bedroom unit on Vrbo, price was reasonable given it's Waikiki.

Arrived and went to check in at the front desk but nobody was there at 2:00PM. Waited for about 20 minutes and then gave up.

Took the elevator to the unit which was fine.

That evening we wanted to use the grill. When we got there a sign said to call to get it turned on. Called, the phone rank about 10 times and went to a full mail box. Called again and got an answer, the guy said" take a seat, I'm busy".

About ten minutes later a security guard showed up. The grill wouldn't light so he went to get a propane torch. Got it lit, open the lid and it was filthy. We had to clean it with a tiny wire brush that was as dirty as the grill.

Next day went to check in at 10:00AM.

guy at the desk was named Tobey Nii. Stubble, t-shirt, 60 something. Not sure what he did but he didn't seem to care about checking us in. He tried to hit on us, two 20 something girls.

Told him the grill needed to be repaired and to be cleaned. He said yeah, right. We changed and went to the pool. It looked fine until we tried to find a lounge chair.

The cushions were so old the stuffing was hanging out and the fabric was filthy. Said bag it and went to the beach.

Got some carry out and went back to the unit. Ate and had a bottle of wine. Went to the trash chute but it was locked.

Called the front desk, rang to the recording again. Called two more times finally got the guard. He said the trash chute had been "broken" for a couple of years, take the trash to the dumpster on the first floor.

Took the elevator to the first floor, no sign saying where the dumpster was. Wondered around, noticed both bathrooms in the lobby were roped off.

Found the dumpsters by the smell, three of them all full.

Got ahold of Vrbo the next day.

Explained the situation, filthy grills, disgusting pool furniture, Broken trash chute, condemned bathrooms, and the resident manger Tobey Nii was workless. Vrbo got us another unit and we got out of The Windsor ASAP.

User's recommendation: Don't stay at The Windsor. It's disgusting.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Apology.

The Windsor Waikiki Pros: Reasonable rent.

The Windsor Waikiki Cons: Poor conditions.

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Wow what a dumpster fire. Thanks for the heads up we were seriously looking at booking a couple of weeks on Vbro.

Funny how great the pictures look. Wish somebody would post recent pics.


Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about buying a condo at the Windsor. The place looked a bit run down but I didn't know about the trash chute or the first floor bathrooms.

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