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Bought two of these plants cash at a show, Im not sure but think his name was Simon Read. He explained how to grow them water them etc, he made it sound like Jack & the bean stalk tbh.

He was making silly jokes which I thought was vey immature.

I couldnt get away from him, I felt very uneasy. Then he asked was I going for a beer in the area this evening, to which I replied no not at all, he said why whats wrong ?

I left the stall quickly, but when I looked around he was filming me on his phone and waving at me.

Ive since tracked the guy down, and made a complaint to he organisers of the show.

But, beware of this very forward strange man. If anyone else has info of this guy Simon post it & share.

His company is The Willow Wand Limited

Beware !

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Qadir Zsa

Openly and upfront I am a friend of the person who has been mentioned several times here and I am absolutely shocked and saddened by how you keyboard warriors don't stop to think even for a second before making such inaccurate and out of context accusations. Even mentioning family members by name who have absolutely nothing to do with the business or product is inexcusable.

The facts is that given the nature that this is a living plant based product we are talking about the reality that there will inevitably be some failures which are unavoidable due to the product or user error (mainly the latter). Have you tried to reach out to the company to ask for help perhaps? In terms of the aforementioned behavioural traits you couldn't be further from the truth, and to the person who apparently lives on the same street I'd encourage you to actually get to know the fella before hiding behind closed doors and posting on the internet. Have you ever tried to sell a product that you have worked tirelessly on at a trade show, on your own, on a weekend, away from family and often after driving hundred of miles?


Well I can tell you its not easy and every sale matters to a small business so give these people a break. Overall, I ask of you to think twice in the future and do some more fact finding before spreading inaccurate and hurtful comments.


Is this the same guy from Bath? He was a predictor & in Derby too.

I don’t now where he went but he victimised people.

It’s Simon Read & his wife who is a total punch bag, not shore but I think it’s Joanne Read? She puts up with so much but knows what he’s like, just as bad tbh.

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It’s funny they are not called Reed, but joking apart it’s not funny at all. They do live on our road, it makes me wonder what they actually do or get upto?We have children and will be very aware of these now. Thank you for sharing.


He did a friends garden work, with two guys who could not speak English. She said he treated them terrible, and they was dressed as if they had been on a night out.

Can’t wait to show her this!

She also said, he was a very *** individual called Simon. He asked her for cash to do the works, and said he was the inventor of The Willow Wand, and he did gardens as a hobby?

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Its the guy in the white baseball cap you are speaking about? I’m sure he’s from Derby, he was a nightmare and had to move, I don’t know where he went but he seems to be doing the same stuff, not a very nice guy!

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OMG! he lives on our road.


Stay away from this guy, the *** but report him !


Report this.

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Purchased four of these at a show, unfortunately they never took off. I know what your saying about the *** guy, he acted like I’d know him for years. Far to upfront & whistling silly tunes.

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