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Update by user Mar 19, 2020

Correction: It was Kyle Hice as the acting manager of Thunder Cove Hotel. This incident was reported on 2/6/2018 to local law enforcement.Prior to my items being stolen out of the hotel room.

There were some guys who were renting a room(not directly across from me) who ended up punching *** in the wall according the female maid on site. They were never evicted or given an eviction notice for causing serious damage. I caused ZERO harm and ZERO damage. My room was in tip-top shape.

Never was a problem to management or the onsite maid. I posted up a $500 cash reward for reported stolen items all over Deadwood, SD. I also filed a police report of stolen items. The police officer that took the report advised me at the end of the report filing that the management had intended on evicting me.

That's landlord/management retaliation. I took about an hour break and went back the hotel room. The same officer that took the report was there and so was Hice and his wife. He hand delivered me an 3-Day Eviction Notice and wanted me to sign it.

I said that I was not going to sign it and that I would take the eviction notice as evidence of harassment and retaliation. I also stated that I was going to sue Hice. Hice and his wife immediately left. The officer and I went into the room and discussed the situation for about 5-10 minutes.

The officer left and I proceeded to prepare for a potential lockout. I covered the key hole with duct tape just in case. An eye witness and myself video taped the entire room proving that no damage was done. ZERO harm and ZERO damage.

The eye-witness also confirms that items were indeed, stolen as mentioned on the police report. I stayed for another 3 days. Hice calls the local PD because I actually stayed and he underestimates my non-violent resistance. CAUSING ZERO HARM AND ZERO DAMAGE.

All rent paid on time everytime. I walk into the office and HICE starts acting bizarre and going off like a lunatic. Wants me out. I proceeded to call him a liar.

Which he is in fact a liar. The Chief Of Police and another officer has a talk with Hice and his wife. I could not hear what they were saying. I decided to quit and vacate and the Officer said that I would receive my 200.00 security deposit back.

My eye-witness helped me load up the vehicle and leave. Thank you eye-witness who stated that she was also being harassed by Hice. I leave and went to another hotel. I filed the court documents and restraining orders on Hice which was denied by Judge in small claims at the time of filing.

Prior to the court hearing in April, Hice was court ordered by the Judge to an 12 x 12 open air imprisonment at the Thunder Cove Hotel. He was also ordered by the Judge to Hot Springs, SD for reasons unknown. Three weeks later, I received a call from the Deadwood, PD stating that all of my items were recovered and to come down to the PD and pick them up. That included one item that was not reported.

Everything was in good-order. Hice tells the officer that it cannot be proven that the items were stolen. They were stolen and Hice, His Wife, 2 employees are the only ones to have keys to the room. Video evidence PROVES it.

The day of the court hearing and prior to the court hearing, the Judge wanted to know if I wanted to work Hice and his wife. I refused. During the hearing, Hice committed 74 counts of perjury. Each time he lied in court, I objected.

The 74 counts of perjury included making false official statements local law enforcement, false statements on official court documents, and lying under oath in hearing. The Judge ruled in his favor even though he committed perjury. I proved he was indeed a liar and cannot be trusted. The Judge did say to sue in class action, Thunder Cove Hotel after the proceeding.

Hice is still on continued notice. Even though almost 2 years has passed. He is sure to lose by an even higher court system. I pressed charges for 74 counts of perjury on Hice and sent the information to the Deadwood Police Department.

Hice is on continued notice for 74 counts of perjury. Another report was filed as well.

Update by user Jun 06, 2018

https://www.yelp.com/biz/thunder-cove-inn-and-suites-deadwood?hrid=6DzpxA_Ok2gSgBoeZG8xxw 86 page documents regarding my integrity and trustworthiness can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/38000****/THE-MARGHEIM-PAPERS#logout

Update by user Jun 06, 2018

82 pages of documents in support of character, references, and awards can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/document/38000****/THE-MARGHEIM-PAPERS#logout These are not all of the documents in support of my reputation submitted at this time. I have yet to upload other documents at this time. https://www.yelp.com/biz/thunder-cove-inn-and-suites-deadwood?hrid=6DzpxA_Ok2gSgBoeZG8xxw

Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2018

HERE ARE THE FACTS * On 1/30/2018 through 2/3/2018 I posted up a cash reward for 500$ for stolen items out of my hotel room. The stolen items were a wooden bath back brush and a gold and silver rhinestone watch.

The cash reward was posted up at local businesses in Lead and Deadwood, SD. *On 2/3/2018, I reported the stolen items to Deadwood, PD. A report was taken by Officer Erik Jandt. After I spoke with Officer Erik Jandt, I went back to the hotel room to ensure that all property was properly reported accordingly.

The watch was recovered however, the other item was not. I left the hotel to take a break from this charade perpetrated by the employees at Thunder Cove Hotel. I arrived at the hotel an hour later and the management along with Officer were in heading into building 311 and I followed them up to my hotel room. Mark Hice proceeded to hand me an illegal 3-Day Notice to Quit without just cause and asked me to sign it.

I refused to sign it. However, I did ask for the 3-Day notice to quit in order to show cause for landlord harassment. Management left and I spoke with Officer Jandt and advised him that I did recover the watch however the bath back brush was stolen. Officer Jandt left.

The management lied to Officer Jandt on two occasions and Mark Hice lied on the police report as well. I took video of the hotel room as an inventory control measure should there be in an illegal lockout. I also put black duct tape on the locks as well and recorded a digital video and took a picture of the duct tape as well. The hotel room was not cleaned according to contract outlined in the agreement accordingly as well.

I did not leave the Thunder Cove Hotel even though the illegal 3-Day Notice to quit was invalid/illegal. *On 2/6/2018, 2 Officers from the Deadwood, PD showed up and I proceed to advise them that my rent was paid on time and that I was given a illegal 3-Day Notice to Quit for No cause/unjust cause. Mark and Sharla Hice was standing behind the counter in building 315 and Mark proceeded to shout, "Get Out", and I proceeded to call him a "G*&^%#&M Mu#&HE$fc(ng Liar). He yelled at me and he received the same treatment in return.

The Officers said to calm down and don't provoke any violence. I went outside and one of the officers spoke with Sharla and Mark. The officer said that they were going to return the $200 deposit. I stated that I owed them pro-rated rated rent of 16.66.

Was advised that management did not want the pro-rated rent amount even though it was offered. * On 2/6/2018 at approximately 2:20 p. m., I packed up my items and left due to the harassment UNWARRANTED and UNPROVOKED by me. A video was taken of the hotel room and Sarah Gluhm was an eyewitness to this account * Management has 14 days from 2/6/2018 to refund deposit or amount for civil damages will increase accordingly.

At this juncture, the civil amount is approximately $5,000 and increasing daily as I move forward with 10 civil procedures accordingly. If I were people who are looking for a winter rental this year and are thinking about staying at this hotel. I would caution against staying or renting from this hotel. You will be harassed.

You will be stolen from. You will be evicted for no just cause. In addition to this matter, two other people have been yelled at by Mark Hice for no just cause and are also being harassed for no just cause. Their hotel room has not been cleaned as stated on the contract as well.

Their is a pattern here developing.

Numerous complaints have been filed and pressure will be applied accordingly until fully resolved in MY favor. These statements are true and factual and with no intent to deceive.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Thunder Cove Hotel Customer Care.

Reason of review: Illegal/Invalid to Quit/Breach of Verbal Contract.

Preferred solution: N/A.

The Thunder Cove Hotel Cons: Sexual harassment, Disparaging comment made by mark hice, Other forms of harassment, Failure to take my report of stolen items seriously, Unusual and variable displays of violence and discrimination.

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