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I did 2 seating for by back pain and it worked well for me. I could see the difference after my first seating.

Non-Surgical Procedure worked quite effectively. They are pretty confident that i could shed stubborn body fat in my next 2 seating with the health diet list and regular exercise. they recommended doing 30 min yoga everyday, It's gonna be a hard time for me to perform this routine exercise, but there is no alternative. It is said that yoga helps reduce fat but I'm not so sure , last year i tired those twisted positions for a week but that didn't quite help me so not betting much on yoga.

I have to reduce more on chocolate and sweeteners which i have already curbed down from my diet.

I have tried few other fat reduction techniques but this laser treatment was more effective than any other...

I have asked my close friend to get treatment from them lets see who much it helps her. :D

Product or Service Mentioned: The Slim Co Body Treatment.

Reason of review: It works effectively .

The Slim Co Pros: Effective results, Doctors knowledge sharing, Guidance, Diet plan.

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