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I am a little behind on my utilities due to car problems and other issues. I called all of my utilities and the gas and water companies were so helpful and nice.

The Illuminating Company was a BIG disappointment. I have had some financial difficulties just like pretty much everyone else in the country. Between inflation and COVID and car problems and the price of gas, I don't even buy food, I got behind. I explained all of this to the representative, named CJ at the Illuminating Company and he or she I really couldn't tell, basically said none of my problems matter and that even though I was going to pay them in full in less than 2 weeks they would not extend my service and stated that my power will be shut off.

I asked to speak with a manager and was told no that wouldn't do me any good. With all of the focus on customer service these days the Illuminating Company is failing miserably. So disappointed. I used to have such a good opinion of The Illuminating Company.

Not anymore. It's no wonder there is a class action lawsuit against them.

User's recommendation: Find any other electric company unless you have a boatload of money because these people do not care at all.

Preferred solution: Apology.

The Illuminating Company Pros: Electric.

The Illuminating Company Cons: Lack of care for customers, Only care about their profit, Lack of understanding for hardships people are experiencing, Rude customer service agents and inflexible payment options.

Location: 3601 Ridge Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, United States

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Forget the apology ; nobody owes you one. Try apologizing to them for using their service and then failing to pay.

CEI has heard every excuse in every book ever written. You think you can just call and la-di-da put the whole world on hold because of your alleged issues ?

Christene N
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First, I wasn't talking about CEI. Second, you want proof of my hardships I have toms of it.

And finally, it must be nice to be sitting up there on your high horse all judgmental and looking down on us poor losers who you perceive as irresponsible or not trying hard enough. I used to be you, and look where it got me. You might want to sit back on your throne and pray to whatever God you pray to that he, she or life doesn't decide to throw you a few curveballs so that you can understand how it feels to have everything go wrong in your life.

Life has a funny way of making us understand what we condemned, and God loves to punish us for the things that we cannot imagine. i hope you have a great life but watch out for those curveballs.

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