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I am sorry to hear that the HurryCane has not met your personal needs and expectations. It appears that you have been communicating via e-mail with our customer success team this week regarding your concerns. Please continue to work through them directly regarding any outstanding questions you may have. You can also reach them by calling 800-933-1136.

You are well within your 60 day money back guarantee period and we are able to process a full refund if you should decide to return your purchase.


HurryCane Customer Success
Killeen, Texas

With all the hype I really expected to receive something that was worth the extra cost. I was very disappointed.

First the pivoting head does very little pivoting if any at all. Secondly, It takes some effort to make it stand on its own, and it will not stand on thick carpet, and many other surfaces. This fact you fail to mention, in your ads, but make it very clear only after the purchase by attaching a paper "safety tip" to the cane with a string. I also don't understand the need for the so-called "free bag", and "folding clips".

Do you really expect people to put the bag in clips in their pocket or purse, to whip out anytime needed. Really... people who actually need a cane, do not put it away each night, or after each use...I would return it however.. throwing more money(for shipping) after bad just isn't my style.

I honestly believe your TV advertising is very misleading.. Frankly, my Hugo cane does just as good a job and at 1/3 the cost.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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