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Dear Customer,

This post is before we were aware of this website but I'm sorry you weren't satisfied with your cane. We appreciate your comments and listen closely to the millions of people responding to our message, and the 500,000+ customers who use the HurryCane today. We also understand that canes are a very personal choice and we recognize ours is not the right fit for everyone. Which is why we offer a 60-day no questions asked return and exchange policy when you purchase directly from us.
We also encourage consumers to check out the reviews on the HurryCane at, BedBath&, and our own website

If at any time you have additional questions about the HurryCane, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Success team at 800-933-1136.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success
Willoughby, Ohio

What a waste of money. It does Not stand alone ever regardless of what type of flooring you're on.

I was very, very disappointed. Quite honestly I feel it's too heavy also. I've got a friend who was suckered in as well and she was equally disgusted. Her husband was able to remove the so called "stand alone foot" and replace it with a standard foot pad.

Save your money!

It truly is not worth the cost!

Now I see there is yet another type of cane advertised! Is this new type being sold by the same company?

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We had seen this advertised on TV and bot two because of the advertised special. We had hoped that this wouldn't be yet another piece of junk sold on TV that never does what they say it will but we were very disappointed.

The claim it stands alone on all sorts of surfaces is not true and it falls down more than my normal cane. My husband was getting tired of picking up my cane whenever we are out so this seemed like the perfect solution.

It absolutely wont stand on carpet, even low pile, and almost as much on hard surfaces. The base just isn't wide enough and it's also heavy to carry around.


Best cane around, I love it. Should cost more money

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