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E.T. the good news is you called us the day after posting this explaining you figured out 1) how to reach us directly and 2) how to adjust the cane and now it works for you and are happy. And it was nice you called to inform us of this post and wish you could recant it. The bad news is it’s very difficult to remove posts from this source once submitted. It can be done but requires a lot of steps on your part as a consumer.

Therefore, we want to again emphasize to all HurryCane customers if you have a problem, please call our customer service team first before publishing these kind of posts. Pissed Consumer is not our site, nor directly related to our Customer Service team to get your questions or concerns answered in an expedited manner. Our customer service number (#800-933-1136) and service hours are posted on our website and in the material and emails we send all customers. We work very hard to listen to every concern and make things right if you reach out directly to us.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Service Team
Clearfield, Utah

Ordered a HurryCane for my disabled sister for one if her Christmas presents. I included the soft handle cover, etc.

When I placed the order with free shipping I had expected to be asked the height of user but was not; felt concern about getting right length, etc., immedate transfer cut me off. Since i was concerned about getting right type, male, female, short, medium, tall I made sure I brought up the subject matter. I was told not to worry for the canes are adjustable. But common sense prevailed and I again asked to make sure if there were different lenths.

The response of one finaluzing the order was...canes are designed to be adjustable, so don't be concerned about length. Later within the framework of delivery date I did receive an email that info was received by company...order had been delivered. It had. But much to my surprise when opened the HurryCane, blue as ordered, extras in the order included, size was so short it was not long enough for me to stand uprigh...

I am only 5 feet 7 inches, sister about same; thought it was compact for shipping purposes, wanted to adjust a notch or two to add length but discovered it WAS NOT adjustable, in the last hole near handle. To adjust, had to drop down a notch or two but to my surprise it was a cane of three short pieces; a springy cord inside; and the outer metal pieces were designed to fit together WITHOUT any extra length on either piece. The two bottom pieces had not been designed to adjust length. The ends of both pieces to go into other piece were no longer than the first joint of my forefinger; and I have well portioned but small hands; buy my gloves in the children'deptments.

MY HAPPYCANE IS NOT adjustable, is not long enough for me to use. I am well portioned in body size & weight, being thin, and I feel the bottom portions of Happy Cane is not sized correctly with extensions inside. Also the cane will not stand alone on the carpet, only on flat surfaces.Need to return. Am very, very disappointed with charge on my card, no much needed gift for my sister.

Am thinking this may be a scam by the company or a copycat due to Holidays; or by the manufacter supplier to fill needed Holliday orders. Buyers Beware. However, I do like the style, and Disappointed in it not being adjustable; appears to be designed for a child with parents who did not want an adjustable cane for child.

But certainly not my style for a much needed gift.

E.T, West Coast. U.S.A.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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