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I'm so sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the HurryCane. We strive to ensure our customer's orders are fulfilled within 10-14 days and I am disappointed we didn't exceed your expectations.
I hope you have since experienced the HurryCane level customer service our agents provide. In the event you wish to discuss further, I invite you to reach out to me. Again, my apologies.
You may reach me at

Thank you,

I decided to order this cane for my father on December 10th, 2013, at approx 9a.m. The person on the phone taking my order was so helpful, said that I would get it within 7-10 days.

Well Dec 17th came and gone, I called, and they said that the cane was sent back to them for bad address. How could this be when you are shipping to my, once again on Dec 17th, I re-ordered. I was told that they were going to express so that I could get it by Dec 24th for xmas, well xmas has come and gone. I am writing this on Dec 26th, and still no cane.

I got a letter from the post office which stated that they did ship the cane back, and that they have no clue about a second cane. I keep telling the 800- number that their paperwork shows that its in route to my post box, and the post office has given me a letter that says it was shipped back. I am still waiting for my 39.95 refund, for I bought a cane at the 24 hour Walgreens. I have tried calling the supervisor NAOMI at et 319, and left 2 messages, with no response.

I am fed up with this company.

And no idea where those " 2 canes " are. which I can care less at this point.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Palm Springs, California, United States #764985

get the money back by disputing with your credit card don't call them

also most of these sites wont ship to PO boxes The cane is currently sold out

to Jo Spokane, Washington, United States #765448

Right on target. The PO box is a no-no with many orders online unless it can fit in the PO box. Makes sense to me.


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