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This post is before we were aware of this website but thank you for your review. We appreciate your comments and listen closely to the millions of people responding to our message, and the 500,000+ customers who use the HurryCane today. We also understand that canes are a very personal choice and we recognize ours is not the right fit for everyone. Which is why we offer a 60-day no questions asked return and exchange policy when you purchase directly from us.

We also encourage consumers to check out the reviews on the HurryCane at, BedBath&, and our own website If at any time you have additional questions about the HurryCane, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Success team at 800-933-1136.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success

My wife uses a cane to walk since she was injured at school where she works. She saw the add on TV but I warned her that most of the products on TV are really so *** they cant sell even at Walmarts!

Ha, I was right again, every time I see someone with one, they say the same thing,"Dont buy one from TV, they ripped me off!" Even the lawyers on TV seem to be devious, they seem to prey on injured people who need help with workman comp claims and people who are denied help from Social Securtiy benefits.

The government should monitor those who are cheated and need help! TV adds dont impress me, most dont seem honest.

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Brownwood, Texas, United States #585755

Come people. Once again.


That you think you are right and your wife is wrong about life or what. Where is the issue about the specifics of the product?



Why so serious, bro. I think we got a badass over here.


Ric, congrats on being right. Did you push your wife down and rub it in her face?

God, I would. Not my wife. I meant yours. Why do you want me to push my wife down anyway?

I'm not so sure you're right about that. Anywho. When you see some one using one on the street do you rush up to them and say, "Ha, I was right?" You should patent that expression.

Maybe you could print out t-shirts. You'll make a fortune.


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