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Dear Customer,

This post is before we were aware of this website and I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with your cane. I hope you reached out to our Customer Success Team at 800-933-1136 because I'm confident they would have replaced your cane or reimbursed you. If you haven't called us directly yet and still have your cane, please to do so and we will take care of you. The sastisfaction and safety of every customer is very important to us.

We also encourage consumers to check out the reviews on the HurryCane at, BedBath&, and our own website

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success
Hanceville, Alabama

thing falls apart screws fall out, don't work very well. it is built very cheaply, bought this for a very close friend, and they gave it back.I think the product is very dangerous for the elderly people it is marketed to.

BAD product to buy for anyone.

bad bad bad bad bad bad bad have to put 100 word for this so will ramble a bit to describe the problem the thing is junk junk junk junk as aways with this kind of stuff buyer beware. it is not what you see on tv.

again it is junk. was so embarrassed

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Newhall, California, United States #691679

Hurry Cane is now selling a hearing aid device that has bad reviews all over the Internet - here is one

The YYY is just another name for the XXX hearing device that has been around for few years now. The two devices look identical. In fact, two of the pictures they use on the YYY website are identical to the pictures used on the Crystal Ear website. (Compare 2 of the pictures on the Crystal Ear website to a picture on the YYY home page and their “Reasons” webpage).

The YYY website is definitely short on contact information—no name, no address, no contact person—so they’re hiding all that information—and people with nothing to hide put that information on their websites. That is a red flag right there.

This is really a hearing aid that is not being marketed as a hearing aid, but as an assistive listening device (ALD) so they can circumvent the need for FDA approval. Notice that the YYY home page keeps repeating the mantra that this is “not a hearing aid”. Normally you tell your prospective customers what your product is and its benefits, not what your product is not. Another red flag.

If you want a low-cost hearing aid, you can go to Lloyd’s Hearing Aids and purchase a real behind-the-ear hearing aid for less than that too. (Lloyds is a very ethical outfit—I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about them in all the years they have been in business!)

So just from what the YYY website says and doesn’t say, I urge caution.

Buckeye, Arizona, United States #589825

Well I received my Hurrycane and it was a disappointment, one the shaft was loose when assembled. Two the grip was real slick and your hand would slide off if you placed to much weight into it. Three the only thing the tri-foot is good for is standing by itself, there was no difference between a standard cane or the Hurrycane as far as any uneven terrain.


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