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We're sorry to hear you have had a negative experience with your HurryCane. The HurryCane is intended to stand in places you need it to the most. Cash registers, banks, your kitchen, etc.

We caution our customers, when your HurryCane doesn't stand, to please take a look at the surface you are placing the cane on to ensure it's a safe walking surface. Falls can happen on *** carpet, uneven wooden floors, etc.
We recognize the HurryCane is not the right fit for everyone. We do not want you to keep a cane you are unhappy with. If you still wish to be refunded, I invite you to reach out to us. Our agents are given the autonomy to ensure our customer's needs are taken care of.

Our team can be reached a variety of ways:
- Phone - 1-800-933-1136
- Email - - Facebook - - By private message We strive to ensure our customers are satisfied and are saddened to see we missed the mark for you. Our team is dedicated to making this right. I invite you to reach out to me directly, should you wish to discuss further. You may reach me at

Thank you,
Portland, Oregon
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I am 61 yrs. old, have a herniated disk.

Borrowed a 4 pronged can from a friend and loved it . Saw Hurrycane on TV. Bought one. This thing is a piece of JUNK !!

It tips over at the slightest touch, has to be perfectly balanced when you let it go or it tips over. it is top heavy and I have to lean it on a wall to get it to stand up. I am really unhappy with this thing. I through away the box before I realized it was a piece of junk , so will keep it , but now I am going to buy a new 4 pronged cane that works !

DON'T buy Hurrycane . Its a total fraud.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I agree....very unstable and will not stand as in the advertisement, very flimsy. No instruction came with it about tightening it.


I do not feel secure using it.


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