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Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear your mother is experiencing problems with her HurryCane. The HurryCane’s base is designed to stand where you might need it to most. It is not as large as a quad-cane base and will not stand on carpet or uneven surfaces. Her HurryCane should not make noise when she walks with it. When you mention this, and indicate you feel the base does not pivot, I would like to send a replacement HurryCane to her. We want to be able to help and would like to request you provide us with information for your mom’s order so we can identify her in the system.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success
Beaumont, Texas

My mother purchased the so called stand alone cane and there is nothing about the cane that works the way it's suppose to work... If falls over if barely touched, and then it's hard for her to bend over and pick it up.

It's suppose to have a movable base that bends as she walks. it is stiff and non-moveable on the base! One of the main reasons she wanted this cane was for the moveable base that doesn't move as advertised.

It makes a loud clucking noise as she walks through the house. There is NOTHING about this cane that works the way it was advertised.

She is very disappointed in a product that is ripping the elderly off! Don't waste your money!

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