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Dear Customer,

This post is before we were aware of this website and I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with the base and feet of the cane. I hope you reached out to our Customer Success Team at 800-933-1136 because I'm confident they would have replaced your cane or reimbursed you. If you haven't called us directly yet and still have your cane, please to do so and we will take care of you. The sastisfaction and safety of every customer is very important to us.

We also encourage consumers to check out the reviews on the HurryCane at, BedBath&, and our own website

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success
Shreveport, Louisiana

Just received my hurrycane few days ago and the base plate came off. Screwed it back on but still falls off!

Can be dangerous if walking and comes off so not a safe cane especially for the price! Needless to say am one upset customer! Where do I get my money back at? I will never recommend this to anybody.

This seems to be a reoccurring problem from what I keep reading. Wished I had seen this page before I ordered my hurrycane.

The money wasted on promoting should be spent on it's safety. Elderly people need stability when they walk.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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