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This post is before we were aware of this website but thank you for your review. We appreciate your comments and listen closely to the millions of people responding to our message, and the 500,000+ customers who use the HurryCane today. We also understand that canes are a very personal choice and we recognize ours is not the right fit for everyone. Which is why we offer a 60-day no questions asked return and exchange policy when you purchase directly from us.

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Saddle River, New Jersey

I am a home health aide. The lady client of mine received the hurrycane as a gift.

It never stands up unless you coax it to...but thats only on flat surfaces. The handle is not comfortable but the fact that it doesnt stand up, and I've heard this from several other people, is the most frustrating as thats why this cane was bought for her.Waste of money...someone got very rich from this idea & took advantage of alot of seniors & handicapped people. Shame on you!!

Dont waste your time or money on this ridiclous item. Amen.......

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #659005
I have a Hurrycane and am very satisfied with it. Had it for almost a year, & well worth the money.

No, it won't stand up all the time, only on very flat surfaces, & if the feet have worn out as mine have, they should be replaced, then it will stand on it's own, but it has limitations. Rough surfaces, uneven surfaces it won't standalone. Be realistic. As a matter of fact, I use mine to lean against when I start to get tired.

Put the handle under my butt & put my weight on it and it holds me up so I get some relief for my legs.

I am walking around several hours during my work day & it has performed marvelously. :)
Grapevine, Texas, United States #644582
The hurrycane is a piece of junk. What the last person is saying is absolutely on the ball.

It FEELS cheap to begin with and it doesn't work for me. I have RSD and I NEED a good cane. Luckily, about a year ago, I found one! It is call the FlexStick and is a solid, durable cane with a tripod base with independent legs that have industrial strength springs in them that absorb the shock of striking the ground, it can function on ALL types of services, the legs can be washed with soap and water in :grin case sand or mud gets in them and it stands up perfectly.

It's also the lightest cane I have ever used I am REALLY hard on my cane and this one can take a pounding. The other thing is with my old stick cane, I would put a lot of weight on it and my arm was always sore. Within a week of using the FlexStick, soreness went away and never came back. It absorbs all of my weight when I am having a really hard day that day.

ALL AROUND THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER USED FOR MY DISORDER. Look it up, i think the web site is for yourself!

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