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Dear Customer,

This post is before we were aware of this website and I'm sorry to hear you had a problem with the base and feet of the cane. I hope you reached out to our Customer Success Team at 800-933-1136 because I'm confident they would have replaced your cane.

If you haven't called us directly yet and still have your cane, please to do so and we will take care of you and replace it. The sastisfaction and safety of every customer is very important to us.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success

After using my Hurry Cane for 2 1/2 weeks, the foot became unattached from the cane body. Taking the bottom plate off, I tried to get the bolt to reattach to the body of the cane.

It has a "floating" nut inside the cane body so cannot be reattached.

The problem started when I noticed that the cane would not stand up by itself. I assumed that the problem might be the elastic stretching. It also made clicking noises when I walked.

Imagine my surprise when I lifted the cane and the base fell off. I was very disappointed because I liked the initial feel of the cane.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Fairfield, Maine, United States #688413

Same thing happened to me. Loved the cane and how it was suppose to perform but then almost fell in a restaurant.

Two of the three "feet" on the bottom had come off. When?...I don't know.

Let's see if they'll replace it. :roll

to TheBagLady Phoenix, Arizona, United States #797753

After just 3 weeks of use mine fell apart when I was leaving physical therapy. I almost fell.

The whole bottom fell apart.

We have tried to put it back together but it does not work. I feel like they should return our money or give us something that won't break.


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