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When the Hurrycane first came out many years ago, I bought it and liked it so much that I bought a second one for my mother. I was also smart enough at that time to buy one set of replacement feet. I figured I could always buy more replacement feet after I used up the ones I had.

For some strange reason, my mother would lose one foot now and then. After I used up all the replacement feet that I had, I tried to order more and discovered they did not make them any longer. So, I gave my hurrycane to my mother. As she lost a hurrycane foot, I would take the one from her old hurrycane. Eventually, I had to order the new FREEDOM Hurrycane for her. It is not as well made as the original Hurrycane.

One day when I was at Home Depot, I happened to see the Everbilt 1-1/2" Heavy-Duty Pads SKU 123 904... the pack of 4 costs only $2.81. Use two 5/16" flat washers (pack of 10 costs $1.18) to fill the footing well-space and tighten with machine screw M4-0.7 x 10mm (pack of 3 costs $0.72). For about $4. you now have an old Hurrycane that feels and works better than the FREEDOM. I went ahead and used locktite adhesive to bond the washers, pad and screw together so my mother would stop losing any more feet. These foot pads feel more stable than the original feet. The cane stands more steadily on these feet because they are a little larger than the original feet.

I hope you kept your old Hurrycanes and can use this tip to restore the usability of your original Hurrycanes.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Hurrycane Walking Cane.

The Hurrycane Pros: How it worked.

The Hurrycane Cons: Problem with pad replacement or lack of.

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Thank you for the info. Saved me time and trouble.


The replacement rubber feet for the Hurrycane stick are extremely very difficult to find. Amazon seem to be the only supplier I could find who do at a cost. It would probably have been cheaper to apply to the US, including the cost of postage to obtain these parts.


Amazon does not sell the replacement feet for the original Hurrycane. The feet Amazon sells is for the newer Freedom Hurrycane that do not fit the original Hurrycane.

I know because as an Amazon prime member I had ordered those and tried fitting them to the original Hurrycane. This is what forced me to buy the newer Freedom Hurrycane for my mother. It was while I was shopping at Home Depot that I saw the rubber pads and the idea struck me to use them for the Hurrycane.

After much experimenting with screw and washer sizes to securely attach the rubber pads, I came up with the perfect combination to create a workable solution for replacement feet for the original Hurrycane. Now I have a very sturdy cane.

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