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Hello and thank you for your comments. We were able to locate your original purchase from 2012 and are sorry to hear your mother has experienced problems with her HurryCane. We encourage our customers to call or email us in the event they experience issues with their HurryCane, as we want to make it right.

Our company takes great pride in developing quality products. Our customers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. By staying close to our customers and listening to their needs, we recently made the decision to transform the HurryCane and bring the manufacturing to the US. We’ve since built the HurryCane Freedom Edition, which is manufactured in Minnesota.

We’ve requested our warehouse ship the Freedom Edition Hurrycane to you for your mother to try. We hope she finds much success with it. Again, my apologies for the experience your mother has had and hope you’ll reach out should you have further questions.

Thank you.
Belmont, North Carolina

No matter how often checked, the screws holding the "feet" on would loosen. Have had to replace 5 so far, and at $9.99 plus S& H over $30.00 spent.

Not sure how to fix, even tried luck. My Mom actually fell down while using, "foot" came off and cane slid and lost balance thought about trying new one but cant afford to through more money away.

Once these feet are gone will buy my mom a cane from drug store, and not have to worry anout construction, will check out before buying. Is this 100 words yet?

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