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Thank you so much for your kind words. Stories like yours are inspirational for us and mean a lot to us to hear.
We wish you many more years of health and hope you'll reach out to us should you need anything.

Thanks again,
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I am a post cancer survivor who unfortunately is living with consequences of treatment. I have Charcot foot, peripheal neuropathy, 3 hip replacements and degenerative disc disease.

So NO ONE can tell me I don't fit the bill! THIS IS THE BEST CANE I HAVE EVER HAD, no worries about where to put, falling down and it support is awesome, no worries about *** flat base slipping! I wish I had got one of these sooner so for all these people who don't like it they are expecting something more than a superb cane with all of their moanings, and NO ONE can say I wouldn't know anything about pain!!

Always someone that has to be mad and it is usually the ones who are mad at life in general. LIVE ON HURRYCANE!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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A good review from you does not negate bad experiences of others. You're a rude *** courtney.


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