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by Michael R Isc #145970

Allergies and Weight.

Do you have turkey whole grain clusters? Or why do you have it in beef and not Turkey?

Unless I'm wrong the only turkey clusters you have is grain free. I'm trying to make up my mind between you and Open Farm. Beef is the number one trigger for dog allergies and chicken is right up there, you should keep that in mind. Also to keep in mind is the rpidemic of of obesity in dogs.

Why you wouldn't keep up with other brands that have real weight loss products amazes me. Your products are over 400 calories per cup! When dogs go on a diet they generally are restricted to about 1000 calories, so that means only 1 cup twice a day. Ever try to feed a Golden Retriever only 2 cups a day?!

I have had my Golden on your food before but he gained too much weight. Since I really like your food and process I'd like to try again with whole grain turkey.

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