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I went to there for shop a month ago around at 2:30 and the shop closed and I saw a piece of paper on the door and said break for lunch I looked inside and a black man came outside and told me the time for lunch . Then I go home .

A few days ago I went to there for second time and same issue and the man still said break for lunch I confused and asked him right now is 2:30 pm and I been here one time that you said that break for lunch , and today you still have lunch at 2:30? He said go online and this make me very sad and I said to him I am already in here , why you want to me go online . He angrily take off the piece of paper and let me in , but I feel very sad and I saw he didnt have lunch , he just seat there and playing computer. I really want to buy a chair bed , I feel very very angry .

Sorry my English isnt good enough, hope you understand this . Thank you so much.

User's recommendation: Every customer needs respected .

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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I am sorry that you were unhappy with our service. It may of been lunch time and our employees are allowed to eat. I am sorry that it was during your in store visit.

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