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I would NEVER recommend these scam artists to anyone!I signed up to pay $25 per session ONLY when I actually met with the trainer.

I met with a trainer once which was a complete waste of my time and money! She was always late(and rarely available)and only spent 15-20 minutes with me. I expected to learn how to use the gym equipment to my benefit but all she did was have me do crunches and throw a ball back and forth! She didn't teach me anything or even set up a workout routine for me!

After the first session the horrible EFT company left my Retro Fitness location. I discovered that they continued to bill me each month even though I did NOT meet with a trainer! When I signed up I was told over and over again that this would NOT be a contract and that I would only get billed when I met with my trainer. I was given the run around for quite sometime before I went to EFT's website and found a phone number.

Only after me acting completely irate and screaming did they agree to cancel my "contract" that they claimed I signed up for! At that point, I was so disgusted that I didn't even demand my money back for the sessions I was charged for.

I was simply relieved to be done with them!A TOTAL SCAM AND WASTE OF MONEY!

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Mar 18, 2016 #1129593

Sounds like most of you hated eft. I truly feel bad for all of you. I'm a trainer in the company and hearing your issues with payments and everything is horrible. I'm assuming that most of these issues were from bad pt managers that didn't go through everything in detail. Simply because I have 65 clients that are all happy with their contracts and understand everything very well.

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Jan 07, 2014 #769776

So they allowed you to cancel without finishing 75% and paying $250? I got scammed by them and am trying to get out and that is what they told me. A month after I signed up they left my retro.

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Jul 11, 2013 #678484 Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, United States

I am filing a suite against them today in Wilmington, DE ... total rip off artists as stated. Wish I read these comments before I got scammed into signing up. Oh well, that's why we have a great legal system that advocates consumers.

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Mar 21, 2013 #626458

EFT is a big scam. Totally disgusted with them.
Read the contracts and understand them 10 times before signing as there is a lot in there that needs to be understood before signing.

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Feb 16, 2013 #609821 Lincroft, New Jersey, United States

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I signed up at the end up January. I had suffered a sports injury and had to get surgery on my hip, so when I got back into the gym I decided to get a trainer to avoid hurting myself again. I signed up for the 12 month plan, 2 times a week-$340 a month. I expected A LOT out of this program considering the amount I was paying. I didn't think personal training was for me, and my hip started bothering me again. I wrote them a hand-written letter via certified mail, and they called me yesterday to tell me I need to fax them a note from my doctor to VERIFY that I can't work out anymore. The girl on the phone also told me that i need to pay 10% of my yearly $389. I put down the first and last months payment less then a month ago and now they are charging me almost $1,000. I have met with the trainer 5 TIMES. THESE PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE. THEY WILL ROB YOU!

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Jim C

Nov 23, 2012 #572738

After reading all these complaints I would never work for EFT. And I just sent them a resume yesterday, LOL.

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ripped off

Oct 24, 2012 #559677

wow....these are true scam artist....its like a pyramid scheme....but in a service form....o they'll lie to you and tell you you can get out of the contract...but thats a complete lie...buyer beware of this company....

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Len Weiss

Oct 19, 2012 #557427

I would like to apologize to those who used EFT in our facility and had a bad experience. We no longer use EFT. Our personal training is in-house with an experienced personal training manager with 20yrs in the industry. Our personal training staff is experienced and ALWAYS on time. We have no auto-renew for contracts and all agreements are honored and serviced with professionalism. Again, our apologies to everyone on behalf of Retro Fitness of Wayne, NJ
Len Weiss
Retro Fitness
Personal Training Manager
Wayne, NJ

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Oct 02, 2012 #550164


BEFORE JOINING PROCESS EFT Fitness Center:- I have joined Lawrenceville Retro Fitness center one year back. In July I have joined a EFT Personal Training on July 2nd 2012. I talked to manger called Steve in EFT. I told him after 2 months if I am not interested I will can cancel my training. He told me it is fine and rate going to 35$ per half an hour total 6 months training as per documents. He never mentioned about CANCELLATION PROCESS AND CANCELLATION FEE which is 250$.

DURING 2 MONTHS WITH EFT Fitness Center:- After 2 months August 15th I have decided to use all the sessions and cancel contract. I have paid monthly fee for 280$ per month on July 2nd for July month and July 28th for August month. I stopped going to fitness center from August last week too.

AFTER 2 MONTHS i.e. decided to STOP:I got automated phone calls for EFT Billing that I my credit card is delinquined. I called EFT and asked them to cancel my contract. They gave me phone number which doesn't work. No one lifts the phone and there is no voice mail I called the number where I have automated phone calls. They are a billing company EFT paramount which doesn't cancellation it is not there job. All I have to

CANCELLATION PROCESS:: They didn't gave REQUIRED and CORRECT INFORMATION to cancel my contract. I kept calling them once Steve I can FAX a written cancellation statement to EFT Customer care. I tried get the FAX
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Complete Liars/ Scammers

Sep 13, 2012 #541743

My experience was exactly like the ones above. I was told I was fat, and was on the *** of diabetes, and that they would have me loosing weight in no time. I was hesitant to sign up, but was assured I could cancel at any time. Well three months into it, I decided that the classes were just not worth the money, and called the same guy I signed up with to cancel, and he said "no problem, just call the corporate office". After over 20 phone calls, and 4 months later I am still fighting with them. I called the same guy who I signed up with, who told me "its cancelable at any time" and "no problem, call the corp. office", and he refuses to pick up or return my calls. I have blocked them with my credit card company, and they now send me overdue notices. One of the guys in their collections department actually told me they were going to sue me, and have my wages garnished. Oh, and they never actually show you part of the contract, they actually apply your electronic signature to it, after you sign an electronic pad, confirming your address/ contact info. They faxed me over a contract that they told me I signed, that I had never even seen before. And sure enough my "electronic" signature was on it. Do not let them waste your time and money!!!

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emma v

Feb 15, 2012 #430755

EFT is the worst company I've ever came upon in my entire life. I was new to Retro and the person behind front desk approached me offering me a free personal training session. I made an appt because I was excited to get a free session. After telling me Im fat and my health is in danger, worked out with me for 10 minutes. She said she would make a plan that would be affordable. 30.00 a session. She locked me into a 12 year plan for 150.00 a month but charged me for 2 months instead of one and told me I could cancel anytime after the first month. After a few days I knew i wanted to cancel so called the company and they said I cant cancel at all only after 3 days! It had been 5 days!!! Then they call back and tell me I need to pay 300.00 on top of the 350.00 and i don't get any sessions. Ive called back 5x within the past month and they tell me they cancelled my account 100x. It's a complete scam and the people are absolutely horrible. I think they get paid to be a horrible business and I can't believe this company is still in business. I have not returned to retro fitness either because I am so upset with this. This issue is still being resolved because my account has yet to be cancelled.. I learned a lesson..

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Dec 20, 2011 #394772

i had trainer tell me i hit on one of the girls he is trainer to, i actually gave her a compliment the little jap girl really could use a compliment who knows if she would ever get more in New City. i believe reto seams to be freindly in general. good people mostly freindly this was no place for a trainer to go .i want a refund ,this is Harassment!

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Dec 19, 2011 #394030

EFT in retro of manassas is terrible. trainers are ghetto and unreliable. don't waste your money.

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Mar 26, 2011 #265487

Today I had a free personal training session with EFT at my retro fitness location. I was promised that the trainer would show me the weight equipment and circuit training course. This was a complete lie! All he did was tell me I was fat, stated I was going to get diabetes , that nothing would help me, and make me do embarrassing exercises in front of the whole gym including crab-walking while he shouted at me that I looked like a grandma... mind you I'm 23 years old. He then told me my biggest problem was " lack of knowledge" which I quickly shot down by informing him I had my bachelors in exercise science! I would never recommend these people, not even to my worst enemies. They are scam artists who only care about their money and not the people they train.

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Feb 05, 2011 #244759

EFT is a huge scam. My son is a personal trainer for them and he gets paid $7 dollars a half hour session. some times he has to train 2 people in the half hour and still gets paid $7 dollars. They want them to make phone calls to get people to sign up and they don't pay them for that. This company is horrible. My son is an excellent trainer but EFT abused their workers! I would never sign up with them.

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Ray  1-25-11

Jan 28, 2011 #241590

I would NEVER NEVER deal with these people again. I would NEVER recommend that anyone sign anything that this company had its name on. It is a scam and they don't care about anything but stealing your money. The trainer said I could cancel at any time and did not mention the $250.00 cancellation fee. I hope the people at EFT get what they deserve and people treat them and their families the way they treat other people. I will tell everyone I know what a low life company this is. If anyone out there succeeds in getting these people in to court please let me know so I can be there.

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Jan 06, 2011 #232964

wished I never got persuaded into this training. By the time I got to my fourth session, I was on my third trainer without anyone even letting me know the trainers have quit. Just sent my cancellation letter by certified mail but am sure that I will get stuck with the $250 cancellation fee. Does anyone know if that will be charged to my credit card if that is the way I paid the sessions?

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Jan 03, 2011 #231158

They are horrible!! They DO NOT clarify the consequences and DID rush me through the contract!!!
I am not going to the classes and they DO still charge me! They suck. The trainer is a joke!
DO NOT ever join this group.
I wish there was a way to sue them because what they are doing is wrong.

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Nov 17, 2010 #212483

I am a trainer for EFT and we are not paid well at all and not all of us are bad, uncaring trainers. Unfortunately the bad apples spoil the bunch. I have very high standards for how I conduct myself as a trainer and am highly skilled. The environment I work in is not conducive to a trainer like me to thrive and succeed. But I am doing my best. And fighting with corporate. I am sickened by the number of horror stories I hear and have tried very hard to be as transparent as possible with my clients and to give them the best experience I can. The trainers are at the bottom rung. We wear red. Not black. Don't confuse us with management. And wherever you train, if you don't like a trainer, ask for another. We are not all the same. Some of us put our heart and soul into what we do.

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Nov 13, 2010 #211202 Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India

Try working for the EFT group. Its a bad joke. I was not paid as promised in writing. The writing can be understood many ways. No accident. If you are a member at a Retro take notice of the turnover of EFT managers. The company plays a shell game. Once the customer service is so bad, they fire or move the manager to another location. There are very few Retro Fitness Centers that are happy with EFT. The used car sales approach to Personal Training is not going to work in the long run.
In my opinion, Retro Fitness gives alot for 19.99 per month. I can't see EFT growing with Retro when they charge an average of $70/hr or $35 for 30 minutes and pay the TRAINERS $7-8 per appointment!!! The highest paid trainer I met was getting paid $9 per appointment. You know the old saying..."You get what you pay for" the word scam just isn't enough. Btw, the"agreement" that you sign does say in #4 on the back in small print that if you cancel you are liable to pay 10% of the value of the "agreement" or "$250" whichever is greater. Look at it. Noone is ever gonna tell you.

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