I had a privacy fence installed costing over $10K. The fence looks great however the gate opening to my 2-car carport is too narrow!!!

The contractor said I knew the gate measurements but that cannot be true because I recently had the carport it repaved and would have never agreed to having less space to maneuver into! The contractor fenced the area with a 6ft gate opening. The Deck and Fence Co. has given me a repair order contract that does not provide a completion date.

I understand that some things are delayed because of the supply chain however not every item in the world is affected.

The are several problems:

*I waited over 3 months before the install without any communication from the company until I called them.

*The gate opening is too small to get my car thru comfortably.

*I ripped my drivers side mirror the first time Iused the gate in the daytime.

*I am 65 and wear eyeglasses so at night the visability is very limited. So if I come home at night I have to park on the street which I never have had to do unless by choice.

*My significant other drives a truck and CANNOT get his truck in the carport at all.

*I can fold the mirrors of my car and can get thru but not comfortably.

*There is only about a 1-inch space on both sides of my car to get it thru.

*The company has agreed to correct; however, they keep telling me they cannot get the parts.

*I paid over $10k for a fence with a gate opening I can't use.

I am very frustrated because I feel like they have just taken my money and have given me a product I can only partially use. I believe if the vendor they use says they can't get the gate parts then they should at least try to find another vendor.

Everything is not COVID related!

Any assistance you can give is appreciated. My next steps are finding an attorney.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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